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Coronary Heart Disease Natural Treatment & Home Remedies



Vegetarian Diet

One should adopt a vegetarian diet especially avoiding red meat.  All meat is high in cholesterol even fish.  Red meat has too much fat and saturated fat which is the worst.  Eat very high quality organic and natural foods.  This should consist of fresh fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes, and leafy vegetables.  Discontinue consumption of sugar of all kinds and artificial sweetners (aspartame is a potent neurotoxin).  Avoid canned foods, fried foods and other foods high in fat content.  Avoid eggs as they are very high in cholesterol.  It is held by many that olive oil is useful for coronary heart disease but only use a little.  Excess oil makes the blood cells clump together which can increase the risk of clotting.  Olive oil is high in mono-unsaturated fat which will bring down the bad LDL cholesterol and will elevate the good HDL cholesterol. Olive oil also is something of an anti-oxidant. 


Garlic Coronary Heart Disease Natural Treatment

Persons who suffer from coronary heart disease should consider the home remedy of garlic.  Research has shown the using garlic on a regular basis can actually turn around the progress of damage to the very small arteries and capillaries.  Eat raw garlic by the pod every day.  This has been scientifically proven numerous times.   Do not eat garlic on an empty stomach.


Vitamin E

Include foods that are rich in vitamin E in your diet.  Vitamin E stimulates good heart health and function by increasing the oxygen in the blood and the ability of the blood to use the oxygen.  To do this, use only whole grain products because the germ of the grain that is milled off in processing (for example white flour) is where all the vitamin E is.  Green vegetables are high in vitamin E as well.  Whole grains like whole wheat flour, are also good because they have the whole B complex which is necessary for proper heart functioning and helps heal other disorders of the circulatory system.  Also important if you have coronary heart disease is vitamin C.  Vitamin C is considered to be healthy for eliminating inflammation and pustules in the artery walls that can lead to a heart attack.  Eat citrus fruits for this.  Also pineapple.


There are some holistic health practitioners who recommend putting an ice bag on the spine in between the second and tenth thoracic vertebrae for a half hour.  You can do this several times a day.  Also put a hot pack (heat up a wet hand towel in the microwave) on the left side of the neck for about a half an hour alternating every other day.  Do a self massage on the abdomen and also have someone else massage the upper back muscles.  This is one of the applicable home remedies for coronary heart disease.


If you are having angina pain in the heart, soak your feet and hands in hot water for some time.  This will provide relief.


Fresh Alfalfa Juice Coronary Heart Disease Natural Treatment

If you can find some fresh alfalfa, juice it as this is an excellent tonic for the heart and arteries.  Alfalfa has deep tap roots that pull up minerals and nutrients from deep within the soil.  You can mix it with some carrot juice if you like as the alfalfa juice has a strong taste. 


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