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Cradle Cap Home Remedies & Natural Remedies




It seems that babies born in the winter are more likely to get cradle cap.  Also the darkness and the damp under a hat will encourage this skin condition.  So I give my babies sun baths by placing their scalps directly in the sunlight.  I also rub their whole body with calendula oil each day and pay special attention to working it into the head area.  One should do this for about 15 minutes each day.  Afterwards, use a soft brush to brush away the excess skin from the scalp.  You can also use a sunny window if it is too cold outside.  The sun creates vitamin D which works to remove the condition.


My two month old got a bad case of cradle cap so I used a soft tooth brush and his regular baby shampoo and worked the spot until the flaky skin was gone.  It made it a little red but didn’t bother him.  Afterwards I put some lotion on it and it has not returned.  I found this to be a great natural remedy for cradle cap.


Tea Tree Oil Home Remedy for Cradle Cap

My son got these strange yellowish flakes on the top of her head.  It really looked a lot like dried up orange juice.  So I got rid of it in just one day by rubbing tea tree oil into his scalp and then washed him with baby shampoo.  It did the trick so well that I tried the tea tree oil on my onw head and it cured my dandruff.  In addition I really like the smell of it.


I tried many things on my son’s cradle cap but nothing was working.  A friend told me to use Denarex which is a dandruff shampoo.  It really worked good and cleared up everything in just a few days.


My daughter came up with a little patch of cradle cap.  I put baby oil on it and it was not going away so I tried some A&D cream.  Her cradle cap was almost completely gone after the first round of the A&D cream.  I didn’t do any scrubbing or rubbing.  This is one of the most useful cradle cap home remedies.


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