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Croup Natural Treatments and Home Remedies


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Homeopathic Home Remedy

Having raised four boys who would all get the croup every winter, I found a homeopathic home remedy to be very good.  It is called CroupEx Sprinkles. Start them on it when the first sign of the barking cough shows up.  If caught on the first night, it will normally be gone within a day of taking these.  It comes in little particles and they dissolve on the tongue.  When the bad cough is gone, continue for a couple of nights just to make sure.  This works great and is an excellent croup home remedy.  When my first son came, we went through the first two winters wrapped up in sleeping bags sitting outdoors for the majority of the night just to get some sleep.  I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy but up north where we are and its cold, it works.



When the airways constrict and get narrow, croup symptoms result.  There is usually a cough that barks and a horse raspy voice.  Also a harsh noise like a crow when they breathe in. It is definitely an identifiable cough and you will know it when you hear it.  Some have said it is similar to a barking seal.  Sometimes kids breathe rapidly and they must sit upright to be able to breathe.  Croup symptoms are normally better in the day and worse at night.  Often, children are awakened in the middle of the night with the cough.  It will usually get better in 3 or 4 days.  While croup symptoms can be scary, there are good croup home remedies that will help.  When the attacks come, remain relaxed and try to calm your child.  Crying can amplify the bronchial swelling making it worse and more difficult to breathe.  For many, inhaling moist air is helpful and you can steam up your bathroom by running the shower full on hot.  You can put your child’s face right over a humidifier so that they are breathing the moist air.  Also, breathing cool night air can help.  Put your child in a blanket or two and let them breathe cold air for about 15 minutes.  If this helps matters, then your child can go back to bed with the humidifier running and blowing over his or her head.  If symptoms occur during the night time, it is recommended to sleep near or actually in your child’s room.  Your child should drink plenty of water.  Avoid sugar and sugary drinks as it is inflammatory. So there is my natural remedy for croup.


Give drinks with crushed ice several times each hour.  Popsicles work too.


Onion Juice as Croup Natural Treatment

My grandmother would give onion juice for the croup as a home remedy.


Reading through these croup home remedies because my baby has it for the very first time.  My mom had 9 kids and always used a cool (not hot) mist humidifier.  My sister had a bad croup that landed her in the ER because our mom used a warm mist humidifier.  If it’s the croup, definitely use cool mist as it is a most effective croup natural treatment. Warm is bad.  This morning I put the cool mist humidifier on my kiddo and this evening he quite a lot better.


Kali Mur Croup Home Remedy

My 6 year old son would bet these deep chest coughs mostly in the night and our MD said he had a type of croup even though he is 6 and croup is something babies get.  He gave us a scrip for Ventolin and a potent anti-inflammatory and I just couldn’t give him that.  So I took him to a naturopathic doctor at a nearby health food store and she said I should try a homeopathic remedy called kali.mur.  It is used for congestion, coughs and mucous.  It really worked amazingly well and that very night there was no coughing and he went back to school in the morning.  This is a great home remedy for croup.


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