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How to Stop a Crying Baby



A baby sling or carrier or baby backpack will often calm a crying baby.  Babies like being close to their mommy or daddy.  It can also be a very convenient way to stop a bout of crying as you can go on with your work or whatever you are doing.  Native Americans used the papoose to carry their babies.


Sometimes babies get over stimulated if they have had a busy day with lots of unfamiliar voices, faces and surroundings.  They may need a little time to wind down and this is especially true before bedtime.  Keep your voices low, turn down the lights, and put on some relaxing music.


Try to avoid using food as a way to muffle crying.  While it can be very satisfying to stop your baby’s cries with feeding, it is not always the best first response.  Babies do cry when they are hungry but there are many other possible reasons.  If you resort to feeding first, you may miss discovering the real reason behind the crying.  Also, you don’t want to condition your child to think eating is something you  do when you are bored.  A breast fed baby will want to be fed every hour and a half to two hours.  If crying starts before that time has passed, there may be another reason to explore.


As a parent it is nearly impossible to stay calm when your baby is crying.  There is natural sympathy born of love, a natural caring response, that comes quickly to the surface of our heart.  If your child is inconsolable, it does not mean you are a bad parent.  Try not to take it personally and the stress level will go down.  Try to remember that the crying will not go on forever.


When your baby passes 18 weeks, you can start modifying your crying response somewhat.  You can begin to wait a few moments to see if your baby will find a way to calm herself.  If it is not genuine discomfort, she will frequently lapse into playing with her feet, looking around or sucking the ever available thumb.  If you rush to your child at every hint of a cry, she may never learn self-calming skills.


Crying Baby at Night

Bedtime is a good opportunity for babies to learn self-calm.  As parents, we are tempted to rock or nurse babies to sleep. However, we will all eventually suffer sleepless nights and fussy days because the baby will learn to associate falling asleep with rocking or nursing.  This may work well at 8:00 PM but it would not be welcomed at 2:00 AM when your baby is demanding to be rocked.


After some time, many babies who before woke up crying begin to wake up cooing and babbling.  It is a mistake to wait until they cry to pick them up.  The baby becomes conditioned to think it has to cry in order to get picked up.


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