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Cuts & Scrapes Home Remedies



Cayenne Home Remedy for Cuts

Cayenne pepper: To add to the post already made about cayenne pepper for a cut ~ this stuff is absolutely the best thing I have found for cuts. Everyone should have a container of organic cayenne pepper in their first aid kit. Make sure you get pepper that has a deep, bright colour. I have given myself deep cuts on the joints of fingers on 2 occasions. After rinsing under cold water, I shook liberal amounts of cayenne on the cuts. It did not sting any worse than anything else would; and the sting only lasts for a minute or so anyway. Leave the pepper on the cut area; it will dry and fall off by itself. Take care not to touch your eyes etc; you may want to cover the cut as a precaution. Cayenne stops bleeding, kills pain, prevents infection and speeds healing. These cuts I gave myself would have required stitches, but with the cayenne I could bend the fingers within 12 hours with no pain and no bleeding. I can\'t say enough about it! Fabulous stuff. Oh and by the way, minimal to no scar tissue. Amazing.  by l.s. 2-14-2012


Turmeric Remedy

A great home remedy for cuts is turmeric powder which can be applied to a cut to promote healing and prevent infection.  This is a common remedy practiced in other parts of the world such as India.


Garlic as Cut Home Remedy

For a cut wash it thoroughly and then put garlic oil or crushed garlic on a band aid and put it on the wound.


Vitamin E

After washing the cut or scrape with soap, dose it with vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel or cod liver oil.


Cayenne Pepper

A good cut home remedy is to use cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding of cuts and scratches.


Soap and Vaseline

Wash the wound with a good soap.  Then apply a thick layer of Vaseline. 


Garlic and Onion Natural Home Remedy for Cuts

For an infected cut, make a poultice of fresh crushed onion and garlic.  Garlic is a better antibacterial than Neosporin and other over the counter salves.  Don’t leave it on for more than about an hour at a time or it may cause a blister.  Repeat treatment every 3 or 4 hours.  This is one of the best home remedies for a cut.


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