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Dandruff Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Formula for Dandruff Home Remedy

1 onion
1 green bell pepper
2 egg yolks 

mix together. pour in hair. wrap. wait 15 minutes. wash out with your normal shampoo.



Probiotic for Dandruff Home Remedy

When the scalp becomes infected with yeast organisms, dandruff is often the result.  This is the reason anti-fungal shampoos like Nizoral are used for this.  When dandruff won’t go away, it is commonly an indication of yeast overgrowth in other parts of the body and usually in the digestive tract.  The root of the problem is the digestive tract and diet is the main culprit.  Stay away from foods that promote growth of yeast.  These would include vinegar, alcohol, peanuts, sugar, mushrooms, dried fruit and refined carbohydrates like white flour pasta, bread, white rice and especially sugar.  For several months stick to fish, fresh veggies, lentils, whole grains and beans.  Take a probiotic supplement which increases the good bacteria in the gut thus crowding out the overgrowth of yeast.   Take the probiotic for several months.


Dandruff and Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to Chinese medicine, the most prevalent cause of dandruff is “liver blood deficiency.”  One of the things that blood accomplishes in the body is to moisten the body.  So to be “blood deficient” does not mean there is a lack of blood in this case.  In acupuncture there are six meridian points on the back which are called the Magnificent Six.  When these are stimulated by acupuncture or moxibustion, they will nourish the blood.  There is also a point close to the knee called the “Sea of Blood” point and this also helps with dandruff.  Another cause of dandruff defined in Chinese medicine is excessive “heat” which causes red itchy places on the scalp and other locations.  For this, a point by the elbow is used to clear the heat.  Yet another scenario is that the dandruff results from too much “damp.”  This is when bodily fluids become stagnant and this causes greasy hair.  There are specific points to correct this.  A common Chinese herbal home remedy used for dandruff is a mixture of peony (bai shao) and angelica (dang gui).  These both nourish the blood will help with dandruff. This is an excellent home remedy for dandruff.


Ground Flax Seed

My dandruff home remedy is to take a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seed every day.  I add to my hot morning cereal, salads and vegetable dishes.  Sometimes I just eat it straight and wash it down.  The flax seeds must be ground.  They are high in omega-3 oil and I think this is what does the trick.


Ayurveda and Dandruff

Ayurveda is a healing system that is ancient and comes from India.  According to ayurveda, dandruff is caused when the 3 doshas (primary states of physical existence) are not balanced. The primary doshas which are responsible for dandruff are vata and pitta.  Vata is rough and dry by nature and pitta is fire or heat.  In an imbalanced state, these doshas create certain impurities which are heating and dry by nature.  These, in turn, will gather in the deep scalp tissues causing contamination.  Itching and red patches form on the scalp which sheds an excessive amount of dead skin cells.  This is what we call dandruff.  Some ayurvedic dandruff herbal remedies include Backuchi (psoralia coryfolia), Giloya (tinospora cordifolia), Karanj (pongamia pinnata), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) and Neem (azadirachta indicia).  Other ayurvedic dandruff remedies include: Use sesame oil to massage the scalp for 5 minutes daily; put a paste made from Neem leaves on your scalp and leave it there for an hour before washing it off; do the same with a paste of Meethi seeds; put aloe vera gel directly onto the scalp before going to bed and then wash it out the next morning; make a preparation of camphor and coconut oil and rub it into your scalp every day; mix castor oil, coconut oil and mustard oil and put it on your scalp for 30 minutes daily; drink tea made from Guggulu, Nimbadi and Arogyavardhini Rasa


Curing Dandruff with Homeopathy

There are several good homeopathic home remedies for dandruff.  If your dandruff is abundant and you feel the need to scratch your scalp frequently at night and your scalp has a burning sensation and when you wash your hair it makes your scalp even more dry then try Sulfur in 6C potency.  When there are spots that are moist and odorous behind your ears and heat makes you itch worse and along your forehead hairline it feels like insect bites are present then try Oleander in 6C potency.  If your scalp is excessively greasy and moist with heightened sensitivity at the hair roots then try Sepia in 6C potency.


Neem Tea

A good home remedy for dandruff is to make a tea with neem leaves and wash your hair in it.


Vinegar Natural Remedy for Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff mix together one cup of water and three tablespoons of vinegar and rinse your hair in it.


Lime Juice Mixture

Make a mixture of lime juice, vinegar, curd, amla juice, and cider and spread on your hair.


White Beet Roots

Using water to boil white beet roots and massaging onto scalp once a day is a great home remedy for dandruff.


Vitamins for Dandruff

Taking PABA and vitamin B6 is a good way to help control dandruff.


Lemon Juice & Coconut Oil Natural Home Remedy for Dandruff

Put the juice from two lemons in heated coconut oil and keep on hair for two hours before washing out.


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