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Diaper Rash Home Remedies and Natural Remedies



Rinse child in a moderate warm bathtub with approximately 3 tablespoons of baking soda as a diaper rash natural remedy.  Then use just a little corn starch on the bottom together with a little desitin and rash ought to disappear ...... to help keep from returning place powder or corn starch inside baby diaper right after each and every change.


Open Air Diaper Rash Home Remedy

For my diaper rash home remedy, I usually allow my children to go with no diaper so that they can air out plus whenever I would put the diapers back again I'd dust ordinary corn starch in their baby diaper. Worked magic on my kid's thrush rash.


For diaper rash I blend aloe vera gel, corn starch and petroleum jelly perfectly into a heavy paste and use on baby's bottom. This typically works within two or three days and is also quite comforting. It won't burn like desetin and other products.


I personally use natural aloe vera gel right after every changing when there is the least showing of a rash.


Shea Butter Diaper Rash Natural Remedy

Do this and your child will appreciate it! Ocean Lover’s Organic Shea Butter Cream www.ocean-lovers.com . It is so smooth and works wonders on a little bottom.  Shea butter is very healing and is listed in many herbal pharmacopeias for a variety of skin ailments. This is a thick cream that comes in a jar so it will provide good protection also.


This is a chemical-free diaper rash home remedy!!!! My baby got continuous diaper rash and I experimented with every one of the creams with no success. One particular day, she was seated in her little seat seeing me dry my own hair using the hair dryer. She had been fussing as always so I blew a little hot air at her and she smiled (one thing she rarely did). I soon found that a couple of seconds of hot air on her bottom part was not simply soothing to her, there was clearly an obvious decrease in the rash at the following diaper change. Certainly not one to disagree with a wonderous event, I attempted it once again. In just a couple of days, she had been totally healed. My method: I'd just use plain water and cloth to clean her, after that use the hair dryer to blow a little warm air on her underside a couple of seconds prior to putting on the fresh baby diaper. She cherished the practice. The nice and cozy air from my hair dryer ended up being my everlasting remedy for diaper rash. I by no means encountered even 1 instance of diaper rash with her ever again nor did I have even 1 case of it with my following two little girls.


Change infants diaper allow it to dry for some seconds, then put Bag Balm on the actual inflamed region each time you change the little one. It's going to disappear generally within a couple of hours.


Apply over-the-counter Anti-fungal ointment. It really works within a couple of days.


Any time my children got diaper rash, off came the rubber pants. I'd place the little one upon the top of a vinyl diaper changing mat during the day, as well as double diaper them for that night with no rubber pants. A few days with this program, and every thing ended up being back to normal once again.  This one of the best home remedies for diaper rash and it doesn’t cost a penny.


Crisco as a Home Remedy for Diaper Rash

Use plain and simple Crisco to the afflicted area with each diaper change when rash exists. It does the job inside of twenty four hours.


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