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Digestive Problems Natural Remedies & Home Remedies


Anise Seed

Anise seed are good to chew for digestive problems



Take 2 to 3 heaping teaspoons of chamomile flowers and pour boiling water over them. Drink this tea right after each meal as an effective home remedy for digestive problems.



You can get relief from indigestion by eating hyssop leaves or flowers.



Unicorn Root

Grate dried unicorn root until it is a powder.  Stir in a fourth teaspoon of the powder into boiling hot water.  In addition, try putting in several drops of unicorn root extract.  This is a good digestive problems natural remedy.



Make sure you replenish the good microbes that occur naturally in the gut.  You can eat plain yogurt but make sure it says “live” on it.  You can also take a probiotic supplement.



Eat some fresh pineapple everyday as a natural home remedy for digestive problems.  Pineapple is rich in bromelain which is an excellent digestive enzyme.  It will minimize inflammation in the intestines as it is also a natural anti-inflammatory.


Chamomile Tea

Probably the best known herbal remedy for digestive disorders is chamomile tea.  This is widely understood throughout Europe and the therapeutic use of this tea is thoroughly documented.  Chamomile reduces smooth muscle spasms and reduces inflammation in the stomach and intestines.



Ginger tea or ginger cooked in food is a good home remedy for digestive problems.


Stop eating dairy products and meat. Avoid excess fat.  The American diet consumes 47% of calories from fat and it should be no more than 10%.   This will remove indigestion.



Peppermint tea works good as an aid to proper digestion.  Have a cup after each meal.  Stay away from dairy if you have indigestion.


There are a number of good natural remedies for digestive problems.  Here is a list of the better known remedies:

Aloe Vera – Has been used for centuries in many cultures as a digestive remedy.

Cascara-Sagrada - Intestinal tonic and laxative.

Black Walnut – Removes parasites and aids in toxin elimination.

Capsicum (Cayenne) - Promotes circulation and helpful in easing inflammation and relieving stomach and bowel disorders

Gamma Orizanol – Made from rice bran, promotes a soothing and calming effect in the stomach.

Guar Gum ( Sterculia) – This is a digestive fiber which aids in regulating rate of nutrient absorption.

Papain – A well known plant based digestive enzyme that digests proteins.

Plantago Psyllium Seed – Sometimes referred to as an “intestinal broom” it sweeps the bulges and folds of the intestines thus cleaning out toxins. 

Rosehips – Stimulates digestion and also is antiviral and antibacterial.

Senna Pod – A good colon cleanser.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used world wide for more than 2,000 years as an herbal remedy and for a wide variety of ailments.  It has been and still is used to provide relief from diverticulitis, heartburn, colitis and other digestive problems.  Clinical trials in Japan show that various compounds in Aloe vera lessen the activity of stomach juices and reduces the formation of lesions. 


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