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Dry Lips Home Remedies, Natural Remedies and Cures



Coconut Oil Home Remedy for Dry Lips

Here is a good coconut oil home remedy for dried lips when you are suffering and you need some relief. Apply the coconut oil to your lips like you would a lip balm several times a day. You should do this for a few days until your dry lip problem goes away.


Water as Dry Lips Natural Remedy

Dry lips is a sign of dehydration and can be easily taken care of by drinking plenty of water. When one is dehydrated their body normally compensates for loss of water by taking water from parts of your body such as your lips. A good way to help avoid this from happening is by drinking ten or more eight ounce glasses of water on a daily basis. This is one of the best natural remedies for dry lips


Avoiding Caffeine  as Home Remedy for Dry Lips

A good home remedy for dry lips is to avoid drinking caffeine products such as coffee and soda. Caffeine is a dehydrator and will dehydrate your body instead of hydrating your body. So when you’re experiencing dry lips you should lay off the caffeine products for three to four days. If you do drink coffee and soda, make sure that you limit your intake and don’t over drink it.


 Aloe Vera

Put some Aloe Vera to your lips both before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning. You should do this for three to four days to help keep your lips from drying up.


 Rose Petal Natural Dry Lips Remedy

When you have dry lips and you are looking for a good way to get rid of them, you should try the rose petal natural remedy for dry lips. You start by cutting up some rose petals and adding a few drops of glycerin and letting them sit for few hours. After they have sat for few hours, rub the petals on your lips before you go to bed. This home remedy will help keep moisture on your lips and keep your lips from loosing color. You should do this every night before you go to bed for at least two weeks for best results.


Cucumber Home Remedy

For this home remedy all you need to do is slice up some cucumber and rub it on your dry lips every morning for two weeks. Rubbing the cucumber will help hydrate your lips and keep them moist. Make sure that you only slice one piece at a time and store the rest of the cucumber as a whole.


Castor Oil Natural Home Remedy for Dry Lips

A really good way to clear up your dry lips is by using the castor oil. Apply castor oil to your lips as needed and use it for three to five days until your dry lips clear up. The castor oil will help your lips keep their moisture and their color.  This dry lips home remedy works wonders!


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