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Dry Skin Natural Cures & Natural Home Remedies




Using smashed bananas is another great remedy for getting rid of dry skin. All you need to do is apply the smashed bananas to the effected area and let it sit for thirty minutes then rinse it off. Make sure before you rinse off the banana that it completely dried and only use cold water to rinse it off.


Avocado Paste

For dry skin make an avocado paste made up of a smashed avocado and lime juice. Just smash one half of an avocado and add three drops of lime juice, then put it on your skin. Let the paste sit on your face for fifteen minutes and then rinse it off. When you do rinse off the paste you should rotate between cold and warm water to rinse with. You should do this treatment once a day for two weeks and you will see improvements. This is a natural home remedy cure for dry skin worth checking out.


Peanut & Milk Paste

Using peanuts and milk as a paste is a wonderful natural cure for getting rid of dry skin. All you need is five table spoons of raw peanuts mashed in with one cup of milk. After you have made the paste apply it to your skin and let it dry. Once the paste has completely dried wash it off using cold water.


Egg Yolks Dry Skin Natural Remedy

Egg yolks works great as a natural home remedy for dry skin, just take the egg yolks and apply them to the dry skin and let it sit for fifteen minutes and rinse it off with water. Do this on a daily basis and it will help get rid dry skin.


Natural Cleanser

Using this cleanser for dry skin is an awesome home remedy. All you will need is two ounces of aloe vera gel, one teaspoon of vegetable oil, one teaspoon of glycerin, one half teaspoon of grapefruit seed extract, eight drops of sandalwood essential oil, and four drops of rosemary essential oil. Once you have mixed all these ingredients you can apply it to your skin with cotton balls, and rinse it off with warm water. Be sure to shake the mixture well every time before you apply it to your skin.


Mayonnaise & Baby Oil

This mixture of mayo and baby oil is good home remedy for dry skin problems. All you will need to do is mix two tablespoons of Real mayo and one teaspoon of baby oil. Once you have mixed them to gather well apply the mixture to your dry skin and let it sit for twenty minutes. After the twenty minutes are up rinse the mixture off with warm water and blot dry with a towel. You should see instant results and will hopefully be pleased with them.   


Cat Litter Mud Pack

To get rid of dry skin use non-scented cat litter. Make sure when you get the cat litter that it is new and non-scented because cat litter that is scented has harsh chemicals in it that can be harmful to you. Once you have gotten your non-scented cat litter take four tablespoons of it and mix it in with two tablespoons of water. This will result in a muddy like substance; once it has become muddy apply the wet cat litter to your dry skin. You should let the mixture sit on your dry skin for fifteen minutes and rinse it off after the fifteen minutes are up. This should make your skin feel silky smooth and will give back your skin’s moisture. Try this cat litter pack as it is a really good natural dry skin home remedy that will cure your dry skin problems.


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