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Dry Socket Home Treatments and Natural Home Remedies



Dry Salt, Turmeric and Mustard Oil Natural Remedy

One natural remedy for dry socket is mixing together some dry salt, turmeric and mustard oil to make a paste. Apply the paste to your dry socket once you have it made. This will also help keep the socket from getting infected.


No Tobacco

A great home remedy for dry socket is to stop using any kind of tobacco products after having your tooth pulled. This will help with decreasing the amount of pain you might suffering and it will help keep it from becoming infected.


Using a Gauze Pack

A cheap and effective remedy for dry socket is using a gauze pad piece. All you need to do is wet gauze and place it on your socket. This will help keep air and saliva out of your dry socket which can cause pain for you. Be sure to change out the gauze three to four times a day and rinse with lukewarm salt water before putting the new gauze in.


Lip Balm Gauze Dry Socket Home Treatment

Using lip balm on gauze is a great home treatment for dry socket issues. All you need to do is rinse your mouth out with a cleanser such as lukewarm salt water, then rub gauze in some lip balm and stick it in your socket. This treatment will help relieve the pain and keep the socket from getting infected. You should change the lip balm gauze at least twice a day and be sure to rinse your mouth out with a solution before putting a new one in.


Water Natural Dry Socket Home Remedy

After having your tooth pulled one of the most important remedies that you can use is the water remedy. The way you use this is just by drinking eight to ten twelve once glasses of water a day. Not only will this help keep your body hydrated while going through the healing process but it will keep flushing out your socket and keep it from building up yeast.


Avoid Food Particles

One home remedy for dry socket is eating foods like yogurt and jello, because when you eat foods that can leave food particles behind it can irritate your socket and cause infection. You should watch what you eat for at least two weeks after having your tooth pulled. 


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