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Ear Ache Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Olive Oil

Here is my home remedy for ear aches.  Two years ago I was experiencing a bad case of swimmer’s ear.  I discovered an approach that worked great.  It is not intended to provide a cure; but, it will work great for pain relief.  Get yourself a q-tip and some olive oil and heat the olive oil until warm.  Next take the q-tip and soak it in the warm olive oil and gently rub the inside of your ear.  If this doesn’t take away the pain, you can also try using a blow dryer set on low and blow some warm air into your ear.  I’ve discovered that this can help relieve the pain. 


Hot Water Bottle

When you are suffering from an ear ache, you can take a hot water bottle and wrap or cover it with a towel and lay down with your ear resting on it.  It is the same idea as to when someone uses a sock with warm rice in it.  I have a little four year old and this technique has worked perfectly for relieving her ear aches.



Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve the pain of earache and promote immune response and healing. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.



Many have cured earaches with MMS or Master Mineral Solution. It is cheap and commonly available. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells. MMS will kill any bacteria, virus or parasite and is the most potent antibiotic or antiviral ever discovered. Go here to find out about MMS.



Connecting the body to the earth gives powerful and profound health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here


Ibuprophen Risks and Natural Alternatives

Most persons don't know how bad ibuprofen is for the body and that there are effective alternatives without side effects.  Click here to read more about Ibuprofen Risks and Natural Alternatives.


Mineral Oil

You can help take care of ear aches by going to your local pharmacy and buying some mineral oil.  It doesn’t cost much, only $5.00 or less.  This amount will also last you for a lifetime.  When you get home put about three drops of the mineral oil in your aching ear.  If the condition is chronic, then you should put the drops in your ear every night.  You should rotate ears, putting drops in one ear one night, and alternating the next night with the other ear.  You can trust me with this advice.  I really know and am experienced with having ear infections.  This approach has worked a lot better than alternatives like medicine or surgery!!   


Blow Smoke

There is a method that has been handed down generations through my family.  Get a hold of someone you know that smokes, and have them blow smoke into the aching ear.  Whenever my sister get her ear aches; I do this to her ear, and her ear ache immediately goes away.  You should try this because it works great.


Olive Oil Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Ache Home Remedy

I have a home remedy for ear aches that has been passed down in my family from my grandma, to my mom, and now to me.  I’m fourteen now, but growing up I used to always get earaches and infections.  Nearly every year I would get one.  After showering, my dad used to take a q-tip and he would clean out my ears.  But, this would result in the stuff in my ear becoming compacted into a ball.  Finally, my mom became frustrated and started putting warm olive oil or hydrogen peroxide  in my troubled ear.  She would put it in, then, we would let it soak for a while.  I’d have a Kleenex or cotton ball and flip my head to the side and let the ear drain onto the cotton ball or Kleenex.  This technique worked great!  If you have a lot of problems with chronic earaches; and if you use q-tips, stop using the q-tips.  This home remedy has really worked out great for my family, and I bet it will also work well for you!


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