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Ear Ache Home Remedies, Treatments & Natural Cures



I have suffered for a few years with outer ear infections.  My ears would really start to itch and I would use a q-tip to help with the itching.  I would even scratch my ear in my sleep.  My first recommendation is to go to a doctor before trying home remedies if you aren’t familiar with ear aches and/or infections and their symptoms.  Ear aches can be associated with the outer, middle, or inner ear.  Using a home remedy is only good for outer ear aches/infections.  You should be cautious putting something in you ear because you could have a perforated eardrum.  You could end up causing more pain, damage, and wind up in the emergency room.    For an outer ear ache/infection, put about four to five drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% in the troubled ear.  Next, lay down on you side for about ten minutes allowing the ear to drain and bubble.  Repeat this if you feel the bubbling has stopped too soon or the ear has drained too quickly.  After you have done this, use a blow dryer to dry out your ear.   The next step involves putting three or four drops of “willow/garlic ear oil” into the affected ear.  You need to wiggle the ear to ensure that the oil goes inside the ear as needed.  By the way, the “willow/garlic ear oil” is made by “Herbs for Kids”.  Take some cotton or some tissue to soak up the oil that drains out of the ear.  Also, you should take an ibuprofen to help with the inflammation.  Within a few hours you should start feeling better.  If there isn’t any improvement with in the first 24 hours, then you should go see a doctor.  If it is starting to improve, continue with the oil drops three to four times daily for about a week to ten days. 


This morning when I awoke, I had a terrible ear infection.  Normally, I put hydrogen peroxide in my ear, but we were out.  My wife is pregnant I wouldn’t be able to drive to the store and get some new hydrogen peroxide.  I decided to go on the internet to see what I could find out.  I was shocked with the type of home remedies suggested.  Of all the home remedies, mine felt like the best.  So, I ended up going to the store and buying some hydrogen peroxide.  Here is what I do and suggest for you when you are having an ear ache/infection.  Take your hydrogen peroxide and mix it as two parts to one part water.  Put this in a dropper and as you lay down on your side, put three drops into your ear.  Try to stay in this position and be still for as long as you can.  Twenty minutes would be great.  This will help ensure that the fluid gets through your ear canal.  Best of luck!  I hope it goes well!

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