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Ear Ache Home Remedies & Natural Treatments



I was doing some research on ways to cure ear aches that didn’t involve the taking of an antibiotic.  I don’t believe in taking antibiotics as they aren’t effective, and are harmful to your immune system.  I didn’t see anyone mentioned anything about the build up of ear wax.  If you get a virus in your ear, the ear wax build up can trap it so that the virus is unable to get out.  To take care of this build up, and clear your ear out, I have a solution.  Get some mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide and put this in your ear.  Let the fluid stay in your ear and bubble for around 15 minutes.  This process should soften up the ear wax.  Next, take a syringe without a tip and put warm water in it.  Tilt your head over the sink and gently yet firm enough to push the warm water in your ear and flush out the wax.  This will clear the way for the virus to exist the ear.


Of all the home remedies for ear ache, I’ll share one you probably haven’t heard of.  When I was a kid and would get an ear ache, my dad would take a piece of newspaper and roll it up into a spiral.  He would then have one end positioned to my ear.  On the other end, he would light it on fire and let it burn about half the way.  Then the smoke would go into my ear and would relieve my ear pain.  If you are interested in trying this; have some common sense and don’t put the spiraled newspaper into your ear too far.


My young son kept me up most of the night because of an ear ache.  It was in the middle of the night and the local pharmacy was closed.  I went online and tried to find some home remedies for ear aches.  I found one that recommended using olive oil.  I didn’t have any olive oil in the house; but, I did find some canola oil.  I put a couple of drops into my son’s ear and it actually worked!  I couldn’t believe it!  In only a few minutes, my son fell back to sleep. 


Whenever my younger brother would have an ear ache; I’d take a cotton ball and soak it with some alcohol.  I would put the cotton in his ear and this would help calm the pain down.  


I sort of stumbled onto a way to help alleviate the pain from my ear ache.  I was trying to sleep and couldn’t for two hours because of the pain.  I changed my position and laid down on my side with my hand under my ear in such a way as to lessen the pressure against my ear drum.  When I awoke in the morning, I was surprised to see that most of the pain was gone.  I believe that with an ear ache and fluid in the ear; too much pressure against the ear can cause increased pain.  When I changed the pressure against my ear, it made a big difference.  I know this won’t cure the reason you have an ear ache; but, it may help with reducing the pain.

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