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Ear Infection Home Cures & Natural Remedies



Wax Candles

Here is an ear infection home remedy that also works on being dizzy.  At times I get this dizziness which is caused by an accumulation of wax, dirt and dust in my ears.  I use wax candles because the really work well.  They remove wax and the other stuff that has built up in the ear.  Just today I used these and I was amazed at the amount of wax and other stuff that came out.  My ears feel better but I am not yet at full speed so I will do this again tomorrow.  However, knowing that I couldn’t sit, stand or move without feeling dizzy before using the ear candle and that now it is much improved isn’t too bad!  No doubt when I give myself another treatment tomorrow it will be even better.  Also, my ear ache is gone and I am grateful for that.


Lemon Juice

If you get a bad ear infection or ear ache, squeeze a little lemon juice right into your ear and let it hang out in there for about a minute.  Then tilt your head over the sink so it can drain out.  I put some toilet paper over my ear so it drains into that and doesn’t get into my hair. 


Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of creamy peanut butter and heat it in the microwave for about 20 seconds or until it becomes like a thin syrup.  Put a tampon and dip it in the syrup and put the tampon in your ear.  Leave the string out so you can pull it out when done – this really works great!


Grated Onion Home Remedy for Ear Infection

Grate some onion and heat it up in the microwave.  Put a few drops of this into the ear with a medicine dropper.  This stopped the pain for my little baby who was having really bad ear aches and infections.  He would stop crying immediately! This is a very good ear infection home remedy.


Mustard Plaster

You can make a mustard plaster to cause an inner ear infection to drain.  You don’t want to use this on infants or children because it will make a red burn on the skin.  I had a bad ear infection that followed a bad flu bout which also caused fluid to build up in my lungs.  A month went by and the ear infection was still with me and I had serious hearing loss in the infected ear.  I tried a bunch of home remedies for my ear infection, mostly drops of one sort or another, but they did not work.  My home remedy is a technique of getting heat to the area behind the ear to get the fluid to drain which relieves the pressure.  You can even try other ways to get heat behind the ear before you try this.  Here is the mustard plaster formula:  Take a small bowel and put in a quarter teaspoon of mustard powder and two tablespoons of white flour.  Put in a little warm water, enough to make a paste, and mix it will with a spoon.  Get some cotton, flannel or gauze and cut it to about an inch and a half long by about a half inch in width.  Put this on a piece of tape.  Next you can put mustard plaster on your cloth strip.  If your hair is long, pin it back so you can get to the area behind the ear that is infected.  Put the mustard plaster on the place right behind the ear.  When I did it, I left the plaster in place for two hours before removing it.  My skin was reddish pink and the hearing loss was still there.  The next day my skin looked like it had a bad sun burn but my hearing had come back!  WARNING:  when using a mustard plaster, check your skin about every half hour for the first hour and then about every fifteen minutes for the second hour.  You want to see if the skin is getting pink. When the skin gets pink you want to remove it. When using a mustard plaster you don’t feel any heat like with camphor or menthol.


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