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Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies



Several years ago I had a problem with one of my ears.  I couldn’t hear and I went to see my doctor about this.  He said that I had a condition of too much ear wax build up.  He went on to perform an ear cleansing.  He did this by using a mixture   of 50/50 warm water and peroxide.  He sprayed the solution in my ear with a special syringe.  He did this until the wax was completely flushed out.  Right away, I could begin to hear again in the ear he treated.

Recently, after a snorkeling trip and diving deep into the ocean; I started to have the same symptoms.  This time, I decided to create my own home remedy for ear wax removal.  I was in the shower and filled up a ketchup-like bottle I bought at the hardware store with warm water.  I repeatedly sprayed into my ear, holding the bottle about an inch from my ear.  I soon started hearing better.  I then put the nozzle end of the spray bottle up to my ear for added pressure.  When I did this, the wax just fell out.  You can also do this by tilting your head down and then spraying the water upward into your ear.


When your ear is aching and you are in need of an ear wax removal home remedy, I suggest this as my solution.  Go to your local health store and purchase an ear cone.  You’ll need to lie on your side and have someone take the cone and light one end and then put it out.  They then need to hold the cone into your ear, and soon you’ll feel the fluid coming out of your ear.  Your ear ache will go away and you will have also succeeded with some much needed ear wax removal.


After not hearing for quite awhile, I finally had enough.  I needed to find a way of achieving ear wax removal from my ear.  My uncle told me about a method that his family had always used with success.  You take a Q-tip and soak the end of it into some baby oil.  Then, you put some of the baby oil into your ear using the Q-tip for a minute or two.  Next, you rest and let this sit for about an hour.  After this, you then tilt your head and using a dropper with warm water, squirt the water in your ear.  In just a few minutes, the wax build up should come out.  I highly recommend this remedy as it’s worked great for me!


The first time I got wax buildup I thought I was going deaf.  So I went to the doctor and he had a nurse put a pan under my ear while he squirted warm water into my ear with a plunger device like a big syringe (but no needle!).  After about ten rounds of squirting, a big blob of wax plopped out into the pan.  So the next time I had this happen I figured I could do the same and not pay a doctor bill.  I went to the drugstore and got an ear syringe.  It is really like a baby syringe – it’s a bulb with a short spout.  So you get a little water running in the bathroom sink about as warm as can be tolerated.  Then you suck up a bulb full of water and, while holding your ear over the sink, squirt the water with as much force as is comfortable into your ear.  Repeat this.  It usually takes me about 10 or 15 rounds of squirting to get the wax to come out.  The warm/hot water softens the wax.  When the wax is about to come out, I usually first see some wax particles.  Then shortly thereafter, a big blob will fall out.  Normally it is about as big as the end digit of my little finger.  It is really mind blowing that all that wax would be in there.  Anyhow, that’s my ear wax removal home remedy and it never fails and will not damage your ear like scraping it with a q tip or bobby pin.

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