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Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies



When you were young and your mother told you not to put anything in your ear, you probably used a Q-tip?  I wonder if you’ve thought about what this does to your ear.  You are just pushing your ear wax back toward the ear drum and are layering the wax on the inside walls of your ear. 

Now, this may be one of the wackiest home remedies for ear wax removal that you’ve heard of; but, it really works.  In fact, this may sound a little disturbing to you.  I use a bobby pin as my tool to take care of ear wax removal.  The bobby pin is a hairpin that has a loop at the end.  I use the bobby pin as a type of scoop to clean out the wax in my ears.  My sister used to always use Q-tips to clean out her ears.  I finally convinced her to try using my method of using a bobby pin.  She was amazed at the results.  After she had just used Q-tip, she tried the bobby pin and got a lot of remaining wax and debris.  She was surprised and happy about her ears feeling so clean and clear.  You do need to exercise caution when attempting this, and know what you’re doing.  Your ears will become so clean that you’ll be able to detect any new wax buildup.


I noticed that my hearing was going out in one of my ears.  I could also feel something pressing inside my ear against my ear drum.  I figured it was time for some ear wax removal to take place.  After researching home remedies for ear wax removal on the internet, I chose the peroxide method.  I bought a baby bulb syringe and got some peroxide out of the cupboard.  I then put 3% peroxide into my ear and laid down for about ten minutes.  I then tried to flush out my ear with the baby bulb syringe using warm water.  I repeated this about three times, and it didn’t work.  I do know that the peroxide that I used was very old.  I also think I might have not flushed strong enough with the syringe.  I decided to try the olive oil approach.  I put a few drops of the olive oil in my ear using an ear dropper.  I laid down on my side for ten minutes before I used the bulb syringe and flushed using warm water.  With this attempt, I made sure to create a stronger stream with the bulb syringe.  When I had tilted my head over the sink during the flush, a pea sized ball of ear wax and stuff came out of my ear.  Suddenly, my ear felt clean and clear and allowed me to hear again.  I immediately repeated this process with my other ear, and I had the same success!  I strongly recommend the olive oil home remedy for ear wax removal.  The peroxide method may work as I might not have done it correctly.  But, you should use caution with the peroxide because it can cause irritation and discomfort to the ear.  The olive oil didn’t cause any discomfort.


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