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Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies



Over the years I’ve had many bouts of hearing loss due to ear wax buildup.  When this has happened; l go see my doctor and she squirts some mineral oil into my troubled ear.   She squirts it with force and I get the willies; but, it has worked every time.  When she does this procedure, there is always a ball of wax that comes out of my ear.  I haven’t been able to try this method by myself.  I think I‘m a little apprehensive about the vigorous squirting required.


I’ve had an ongoing issue with ear wax buildup for years now.  I go in to the doctor every year and have ear wax removal done.  I just don’t see how you can possibly get the wax out of your ear by yourself.  I do painting and decorating for a living and constantly encounter problems with dust.  You have to exercise caution when dealing with your ears.  Your ear drums are very delicate. 


A few years back I was suffering from terrible wax buildup in my ears.  I tried a wide variety of home remedies for ear wax removal and came up empty.  Eventually, after searching on the internet I found a device that a man in Florida invented.  I believe it is FDA approved and is called the Master Blaster.  It’s like a large syringe/squirt device.  I filled it with warm water and when I was in the shower I flushed the wax out of my ears by using it.  It cost a fair amount of money; but, is still cheaper than having to go to the doctor.  Once you have one of these, you’ll always have it on hand to use as needed.  You can also share it and allow someone else some success with ear wax removal.  It is safe and won’t be harmful to your ears. 


There is an old saying that goes as follows…”Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear”.  One of the best remedies for ear wax removal is to use a fluid like peroxide to loosen up the wax buildup in your ear.  Never try to perform ear wax removal by sticking anything sharp into your ear.  By all costs, avoid using a bobby pin, paper clip, or a pencil.  You could really run the risk of puncturing your ear drum.  You should even avoid using a cotton-tipped swab, or trying to stick your finger up into your ear.

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