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Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies



I’ve gone four days without being able to hear well due to the wax buildup I have in my ears.  After reading about various home remedies for ear wax removal, I decided what I would do.  First I took a long, hot, and relaxing bath.  Next, I sat down and drank a cup of tea.  As I prepared my tea I tilted my head and ear over the steaming hot water.  This actually did the trick.  I didn’t have to try doing something fancy, and neither do you.


I have suffered from problems with my ears all my life.  Although I’m only twenty years of age, it’s still been too long of a time.  Lately, I had real problems with ear wax buildup.   I’d wake up and would just about be deaf or my hearing would be muffled.  Fortunately, my mom told me about a great method of ear wax removal.  You need to go to the local chemists and buy some menthol crystals.  Take these crystals and add them to a large cup of hot water.  You want the water very hot; but, not boiling.  Close your eyes and breathe in the hot menthol steam for about five to ten minutes.  After you have breathed in the steam, pinch your nostrils closed and very gently blow until you can feel your ears popping.  This will do the job!  This is a technique for ear wax removal that will work!


I have suffered too much ear wax in my ears for many years.  Now, I no longer have this problem.  This is because my neighbor told me of a home remedy for ear wax removal that he guaranteed would work.  I tried it and it seems to be working.  I took a couple of Sudafed, and then I started sucking on a menthol cough drop.  While I sucked on the cough drop, I put my nose over a container of eucalyptus oil and inhaled it for around five minutes.  Next as my ears were starting to clear, I put several drops of the eucalyptus oil into a couple cups of boiling water.   I then breathed in the steam.  My ear has gotten much better and along with the effects of the Sudafed I took, my ear feels almost normal.  I’ll repeat this process tomorrow, and expect it to take care of my problem.  Give this approach a try, and good luck with the results!


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