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Excessive Menstrual Bleeding Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Heavy excessive bleeding and intensity of pain during a woman’s period are the direct result of the amount of endometrial tissue (the cells which are lining the inside surface of the uterus) that has accumulated or built up during each monthly cycle.  These tissues must be released and expelled during the period of the menstrual flow.  Estrogen is the stimulant that causes these endometrial cells to build up.  When one eats a diet that is high in fats it will create more estrogen in the body and this causes more endometrial cells to build up.  In addition this will cause clotting because saturated animal fats block a natural mechanism during the period that prevents clotting of the menstrual flow.  Clots form and when they attempt to pass through the neck of the uterus, pain results. The standard American diet (SAD) gets 47% of calories from fat when it should be no more than 10%.  Click here to read more about Diet as Home Remedy for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding.



Vitmain E Home Remedy for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

I take a vitamin E pill daily, once it is in your system after a few months you can reduced your intake to just the week before & the week of your period (twice a day while bleeding). Pmt gone & in with short, slow, light periods.  by Shelley 2-24-2012


Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve pain, infection and promote health and healing of maladies including excessive menstrual bleeding. Developed in Russia and tested on 18,000 persons in clinical trials. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.



When the body, or any living thing, is connected to the earth, the result is powerful and profound healing benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here


Rest & Ibuprophen

Recently, I’ve had a problem that lasted two months.  I had excessive menstrual bleeding that was so bad my period wouldn’t go away.  I checked with my doctor and he wanted me to come in and have an ultrasound, and maybe a DNC.  I wanted to get a second opinion, and called a different doctor’s office and spoke to a female nurse about my situation.  I wanted to talk to her because I thought she may have better insight from the experience of being woman.  She didn’t think I needed to come in and take a bunch of tests; instead, she suggested a home remedy for excessive menstrual bleeding that I could do at home.  The first thing she told me was to take a day off from work without any plans or things to do.  She then told me to elevate my feet for a long period of time and to not do any lifting.  She also suggested that I take 800 mg of ibuprofen about every six to eight hours.  She said that this should cause the rate of bleeding to slow down.  I followed her advice and took the next day off.  I did everything she suggested and ended up watching five or six movies with my feet propped up in the recliner.  I just sat back and relaxed.  I took four 200 mg advil every seven hours and rested the whole day.  The following day I discovered that my period was really light and I only needed a panty liner.  The next day, my excessive menstruation had gone away.  I was shocked and amazed at how well and quickly this worked.  I had been so worried at what might be wrong with me, and to find out that I could easily treat this with a day of relaxation.  I have advice for all you ladies out there who are having problems I had; stay home, get in your favorite chair, prop up your feet, and watch some movies!  Also, remember to take some ibuprofen.  I found this to be a great natural remedy for excessive menstruation.


Rest and Fluids

If you are suffering from excessive menstruation; there are some home remedies that you can do to help with your situation.  For instance, you should relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible.  Also, get lots of rest, and make sure to get enough fluids throughout the day.  One more thing; be sure to eat enough iron-rich foods in your diet.


Iron & Folic Acid

During excessive menstrual bleeding, be sure to get lots of iron and folic acid as you are prone to becoming anemic.


No Aspirin

Whenever I experience too much heavy period bleeding, I take some ibuprofen and sit back and relax.  Also, do not take aspirin, it can make things worse and prolong the bleeding.  Aspirin is a blood thinner.


Low Dose Contraceptive

I was suffering from excessive menstruation and my doctor put me on a low-dose oral contraceptive.  He called it progesterone therapy.  I guess it can help to regulate my menstrual cycle and decrease the amount of bleeding.

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