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Excessive Menstrual Bleeding Natural Home Remedies




Herbs as Home Remedy for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

I was having some serious problems with too much bleeding during menstruation.  While I was telling my sister about this; she told me about this woman at our neighborhood health food store who suggested an excessive menstruation home remedy approach using herbs.  The recommendation was to take capsella bursa-pastoris, Artemisia, and vulgaris.  I followed her advice and this herbal approach really helped to resolve my situation.  Within a couple of days the bleeding went away.


For those of you suffering from excessive menstrual bleeding, there are some home remedies in the form of herbs and other natural ingredients that are beneficial and will help relieve symptoms.  These natural ingredients can provide calmness and lower nervous tension and lessen menstrual cramping.  Some of these include calendula officinalis, viburnum opulus (Cramp Bark), and belladonna.  Others ingredients include:  calc., carb, sepia, and china.  These can not only help with regulating the heavy menstrual flow; but, can also help balance the mood, and restore the energy levels.


Excessive menstrual bleeding is far more than a bummer.  It can affect your life throughout the day; whether you’re at work, or on a date.  After first checking with your doctor to rule out anything serious; then look into the home remedy approach for excessive menstruation.  One type of approach is through the use of herbal remedies.  There are many herbs that will treat heavy menstrual bleeding.  Some of these include: shepard’s purse, nettles, and yarrow.  Others like vitex berries and red raspberry leaf are good in tincture form using one half teaspoon per dose.  These herbs are not only a good natural remedy your excessive menstruation; but, can also help to boost your immune system.


To help get some relief from excessive menstrual bleeding, try using a massage oil from sage essential oil, or vegetable oil and gently massage your abdominal area.  This is one of the best excessive menstruation home remedies.


As a natural remedy for excessive menstruation; try taking some chaste tree to control the amount of bleeding and to help regulate the female hormones.


Chinese Medicine Home Remedy for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Angelica root has traditionally been prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years.  This herb is a general tonic for the reproductive system.  It aids in balancing hormones and can also relieve PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms

Cayenne pepper works as a tonic for the circulatory system increasing elasticity and overall health of the capillaries, arteries and veins.  When blood vessels are pliable, excessive menstrual bleeding is reduced.  Cayenne pepper will also diminish period cramps.

Raspberry tea delivers potent astringents that will work to shrink bodily tissues.  It is commonly prescribed for cramps and excessive menstrual bleeding.

Another Chinese herb that has been used for centuries to treat heavy period bleeding is radix notoginseng.  It is sometimes referred to as chi ginseng.  It is especially effective as a natural remedy for excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia).

Juga Forrestii Diels is commonly used as a remedy for injuries that produce traumatic swelling.  It is this property which also makes it useful for treating heavy menstrual flows and for relieving period cramps and pain.

Of all the herbs in Chinese pharmacopeia, rhizome dioscoreae nipponicae is the one most often prescribed for general gynecological problems, to enhance circulation and to stop internal bleeding.


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