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Eye Care Home Remedies



If you have gotten a small bit of dirt in your eye and need to get it out; I have a way of doing this.  You need to stand up straight and look straight at the ground.  Next, cover up your good eye with your hand, and with your hurting eye focus at some point on the ground.  Without blinking or moving your eye, spit three successive times toward the spot you’re focusing on.  Doing this should cause your eye with the dirt in it to water up and flush out the dirt.  If you discover that you have a large amount of dirt or debris in your eye; then, wait until you can get hold of some eye wash.  This is a good eye care home remedy.


When choosing home remedies for eye care; this one stands out.  When your eyes are feeling very irritated and you’re looking for relief, place a tea bag over your eyes.  You just take a regular tea bag and soak it in warm (not hot) water and cover your eyes, or you can use it like eye drops.

This will also work great with eye infections.  When we’ve had kittens and their eyes have gotten full of gunk from infection, this has done the trick.  This has always worked.  There is one thing you need to make sure of however, don’t put the tea bag to a good eye, only the infected one.

I have used this remedy for eye care for many years treating all kinds of problems, and it has always helped.


I recently got some hot peppers juice in my eyes, and I thought I was going to die with pain.  My wife got up and gave me some salt to swallow.  The salt quickly dissolved as the sodium entered my body.  This caused the lacrimal gland in my eye to flush out the acids.  This also acted quickly in countering the burning I had in my eyes.  However, be careful not to put the salt in your eyes!


My baby daughter got infected with Pink eye when a family friend came over.  She got a really bad case of it, and I wasn’t sure what to do.  My grandmother was there and said she knew one of the best remedies for eye care.  She told me to squirt breast milk into my daughter’s eyes.  I was a little reluctant; but, I went on ahead and gave it a try.  I couldn’t believe it; but, by that night, it was gone!  The puss and redness had completely disappeared and didn’t return.  I felt so fortunate that I didn’t have to take her in to see the doctor and get a prescription.


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