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Eye Infection Natural Home Remedies



Lemon Juice

If you’ve got an eye infection and have developed pink eye; I have a home remedy for you.  I know it sounds very painful and you may need someone to help you with the process.  You can even use this as a way of prevention as well.  I’m talking about taking a lemon/lime and squeezing some juice into your eye.  It may itch in the beginning; but, don’t rub your eyes.  You will need a towel to dab your eye.  You will need to open your eye and move it all around to cover it good with the juice.  Once you can easily open your eye; then, repeat the process.  Later, somewhere between 12 and 24 hours, you can repeat it again.  As soon as you get an eye infection, or can feel one coming on; do this procedure.  If this doesn’t sound like something you’d be willing to do, you can always go to your doctor.



If your eye has become red and irritated with an eye infection, I have a solution for you.  I know there are many home remedies for eye infection out there, but this one really works.  You need to create your own eye wash by combining strawberry leaf, goldenseal, and eyebright.  You can also use witch hazel tea.  Take the tea or wash and put a few drops in the affected eye.  Very soon, you will begin to notice relief with the pain and irritation.


Aloe Vera for Eye Infection Home Remedy

If you are suffering from an eye infection, this will help.  If you don’t have one, go and purchase an aloe vera plant. They are great to have in the house and are very useful for various types of ailments you can treat at home.  In this situation, take some of the sap from the aloe vera plant and carefully and lightly, rub it onto the affected eye.  You will need to do this several times throughout the day.  I tried this, and it really does work!  I was in such severe pain, and this really took it away. This is one of the best eye infection home remedies.



To clear up any eye infections I get; I just wash out my eye with a shampoo mix.  I take some Johnson and Johnson baby tearless yellow shampoo and add a few drops to half cup of warm water.  After mixing it together, I then tilt my head back and let some pour over my eye.  When I’m doing this, I’m also blinking my eye as this helps to wash it with the wash.  Keep doing this until you run out of the wash.  It should only be a matter of a few hours before things clear up.


Boric Acid

Years back I remember my grandmother using a solution of boric acid for an eye infection home remedy and for other eye problems.  She mixed the boric acid in a cup and then used an eye cup which was made from glass.  You put the solution in the eye cup and put the cup to your eye then tilt your head back and open your eye.  You could also use half of a small plastic easter egg but you can get the eye cups at the drugstore.  Several years ago I got an eye infection and tried it and it really worked good!  I told my doctor about it and he said I was doing the right thing.  He also said to take some aspirin and put warm compresses on my eye.  You can also buy the boric acid solution already made up and ready to go at the drugstore.  It really works great!  Costs very little too


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