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Feet Asleep Home Remedies



If you find that your feet have fallen asleep, a great home remedy for this is to be sure you are getting lots of potassium.  It is also important to drink more fluids (especially orange juice and water) and walk around often.  Do not remain in the same position for a long time.  You may also try to keep your legs elevated when seated.

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For a foot that has fallen asleep, try to simply walk on the foot.  This home remedy is effective for bringing feeling back to the foot.  Be sure that you aren't putting too much weight on the foot.

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While this is a home remedy for arms that have fallen asleep, this can be helpful with other areas, including the feet.  Simply rock your head from side to side for about a minute.  It's been shown that the loss of feeling in the arms, legs and feet is caused by nerves in the neck being compressed.  By shaking these nerves out, you'll find that you regain feeling in your feet. 

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There are many things that can cause your foot to fall asleep.  These can range from overworked feet, wearing the wrong shoes, nerve damage and poor circulation.  This natural remedy really helps. If you suffer from feet that have fallen asleep, try to soak them in warm water and epsom salts.  Soak for anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes.  This will feel especially good after a long day of being on your feet.  When you're finished soaking, you may want to finish by rubbing peppermint oil on your feet.  This is one of the best home remedies for feet asleep.


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