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Fever Home Remedies & Treatments



A good thing to keep in mind is that a fever can cause dehydration.  A good treatment for fever is to replace fluid loss as soon as the fever begins. Replacing lost fluids reduces body temperature.

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Rest More

A great home remedy for fever is to get lots of rest.  The more you can possibly rest, the better.

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Ibuprophen Risks and Natural Alternatives

Most have no understanding just how awful ibuprofen is to the body.  There are effective natural alternatives with no side effects.  Click here to read more about Ibuprofen Risks and Natural Alternatives.

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Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve fever, pain, infection and promote health and healing. Developed in Russia and tested on 18,000 persons in clinical trials. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.

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When the body, or any living thing, is connected to the earth, the result is powerful and profound healing benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here

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Avoid Temperature Changes

Be sure to avoid large and sudden changes in room temperature and the temperature around you.  This is a great treatment for fever, as it helps your body to regulate its internal temperature. 

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Onion Home Remedy for Fever

No freaking lie!!!  Cut up an onion and put two or three rings on the sole of each foot and then put on your socks.  It will get rid of a fever in a heartbeat.  When the onion turns brown it means your fever is history.  If this doesn’t do it first time around, do it again.  It will definitely work!

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Avoid Solid Foods

Ingesting solid foods is unwise to do until the fever has broken.  To treat your fever naturally, replace solid foods with lots of water, soups and other fluids. Avoid sugar as it has an inflammatory effect on the fever and may make your fever worse.

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Tiger's Balm Natural Home Remedy for Fever

Take some Tiger’s Balm or other menthol-camphor balm and put it on your back.  Next get a spoon and rub the edge of the spoon kind of hard over this area so little red beads start to show up on your skin.  This is a common treatment in Chinese medicine and it is called “red sand” for the little red bumps that show up from the hard rubbing.  This causes the blood to pick up the healing properties of the Tiger’s Balm and carry it deep into your body.  This is good for any kind of fever, congestion and cough.  You can use it on your throat too if you have a sore throat and head cold.

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Avoid Zinc and Iron

Be sure to check your multivitamin when you have a fever.  Be sure that you don't ingest anything with zinc or iron.  If the body is feverish, it will not absorb zinc.  If your body is fighting infection (which it likely is if you have a fever), iron will cause tension in the body and should be avoided until the fever has broken. 

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Cool Bath Remedy

A cool bath is one of the best home remedies for fever.  Be sure that the water is not hot, but kept at a cool temperature.  Fill your bathtub and relax.  Do this several times until your fever breaks. 

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Fever is Good

Even though it is uncomfortable, a fever is a good thing for the body.  When you have a fever, your body is eliminating toxins and fighting an infection.  If your fever is less than 102 degrees, then you may choose to do nothing and allow the fever to break on its own. 

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No Aspirin

If your child has a fever, do not attempt to treat the fever with aspirin as it is well know your child could die from Reyes Syndrome.  The best fever home remedy for a child is to give the child regular cold baths. 

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Basil Home Remedy and Treatment for Fever

This natural remedy for fever really works wonders.  Holy basil leaves are recognized for their fever fighting properties.  To treat your fever naturally with holy basil, boil twelve grams of the leaves in a half liter of water.  Once the leaves are boiled, combine with a quarter teaspoon of cardamom, one teaspoon of sugar and a half a cup of milk.  This mixture should be drunk twice daily.  Once this has been done, you will find the fever will subside.

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