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Fever Home Remedies & Treatments



To effectively treat fever at home, slice up several large potatoes. Lay down on the bed or couch and place the potato slices all over the body.  You will find that the potato slices will draw the fever and heat out of the body naturally. 


Fever can be treated naturally by a special natural foot application.  To create the application, mix two tablespoons of olive oil with two large cloves of garlic that have been crushed well. Warm the mixture in a microwave for a few seconds, then apply the the soles of the feet.  Wrap each foot with plastic wrap.  Leave this wrapped application on each foot overnight.  This remedy is effective because the garlic is powerful and actually enters the body through the soles of the feet to destroy the infection that caused the fever.  The garlic helps the body to fight this infection.  You may want to leave the garlic wrap on your feel for approximately one hour after the fever has broken. 

* * *

A natural treatment for fever is to slice a potato into several round large slices (approximately 6 or 7 slices should work) and soak them in vinegar for ten minutes.  After the time has passed, place these slices on the forehead and cover with a washcloth.  You should lay down with the slices on the forehead.  Keep the potatoes and washcloth on the forehead for about twenty minutes. 

* * *

Here is a great natural treatment for fever.  If you have long hair, it's advised to pull it back and out of your face before beginning this treatment. First, soak a paper towel in milk until it is soaked. Next, take a large amount of peanut butter and smear this on your forehead and on your neck. Remove the paper towel from the milk and gently wring it out (do not wring out all of the milk; just enough to keep it from making a dripping mess!). Lay down with a towel under your head to prevent stains and place the towel over your face and neck.  Relax and breathe in the comforting smell.  Remain in this relaxed state until the towel dries up.  You may want to check your temperature at this point, as it should be broken.  Be sure to wash the remaining peanut butter from your face and neck!

* * *

Tea can be brewed as a fantastic home remedy for fever.  Simply brew some herbal or green tea, or you can simply boil water and honey, sugar or lemon.  Continue to drink fluids until the fever breaks. 

* * *

To help eliminate fever causing toxins from the body, tie half of a raw onion to the bottom of each barefoot.  This should help to reduce your fever naturally.

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