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Fever Natural Treatments & Home Remedies



To help the fever break, a great natural treatment is to sweat the fever out.  This helps your body to quickly release all of the toxins from the body.  To do this, be sure to have a hot bucket of water ready to go.  Now, dress yourself in several layers.  Soak your feet in the hot water.  Remain dressed in the layers and keep your feet in the hot water for about 20 minutes.  You will see that the fever will begin to come down. 

* * *

Combine lime juice and olive oil together.  Spread this mixture all over your body from head to toe. This will help to naturally reduce fever. 

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One of the best natural treatments for fever is to soak a pair of socks in white vinegar.  After the soaks are soaked, wring them out and put them on.  Lay down and make sure you're covered with a blanket.  Relax for about an hour and the fever should subside. 

* * *

In addition to covering yourself with blankets to help sweat out the fever, this homemade drink is also helpful.  To make this homemade drink, crush about ten grams of raisins with ginger powder.  Boil this mixture in about 200 milliliters of water until it is reduced to about 50 milliliters.  Strain and drink while it's warm.  You'll find that this is a beneficial treatment for fever.

* * *

The old adage “feed a cold, starve a fever” may be true, after all.  When the body is fighting an infection, it tends to fare better without outside nutrition.  To naturally treat a fever, your body will likely do better if you refrain from ingesting solid foods and instead get nutrition from juices and fluids.  Of course, this is only recommended if you are properly nourished prior to getting sick. 

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Fever can be effectively treated naturally by dipping a cotton shirt in a solution of two tablespoons of crystal salt that has been diluted in about a quart of water.  Remove the shirt from the solution after soaking and wring it out.  Put the shirt on, wrap yourself in a towel and get in bed.  After covering with a blanket, relax.  This will cause you to sweat, and this will remove toxins from the body.

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