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Fever Blister Home Remedies and Treatments



So far I have complete and total 100 percent success in curing fever blisters.  Get a raw plain old fashioned aspirin with no coating.  Put a couple of drops of water on it in a saucer and get it to break down into a coarse paste.  Put this on the blister area.  This has stopped every single fever blister for me and the first time I tried it, the blister was already taking shape.  The aspirin paste killed it dead.  I initially tried this natural remedy because I had read an article which talked about persons with a chronic fever blister problem undertook a daily aspirin treatment for heart conditions.  They noticed a significant reduction in their fever blisters.  So I started putting the aspirin right on the spot and so for it has worked flawlessly.


Do not use makeup or other products to attempt to hide the fever blisters.  Any type of cover up or cosmetic product applied directly to the fever blister will only irritate it and make it appear worse.

* * *

While some may doubt that there is any truth to using licorice on fever blisters, there are actually studies that have shown that a component of licorice can help to hinder the growth of the fever blisters.  This component is glycyrrhizic acid.  To achieve the results of vanished fever blisters using licorice, simply chew on a licorice whip.  Be sure that is is made from real licorice! If you would rather not eat candy, or cannot find any candy made with real licorice, you can usually find some licorice powder and apply this directly to the fever blisters.  This is a wonderful home remedy for fever blisters. 

* * *

Cold milk can be a wonderful natural remedy for fever blisters.  The cold milk promotes healing and also helps provide relief from the painful blisters.  The best way to lessen the pain with cold milk is by soaking a cotton ball in the cold milk.  Once it's completely soaked, dab it over the fever blisters. 

* * *

There are lots of food to avoid to keep fever blisters from happening in the future.  Fever blisters can be brought on by arginine, and consuming foods high in this amino acid should be avoided.  These foods include whole-wheat, oatmeal, seeds, peas grains, peanuts and chocolate.  Other foods high in arginine include corn, dairy produce and meat. While these foods don't need to be completely avoided, consumption should be limited.  You should also avoid coffee and tea.  While foods high in arginine tend to cause fever blisters, foods high in lysine tend to keep fever blisters at bay.  These foods include vitamin rich foods that are high in iron, zinc and vitamins A, C and E.  Garlic, fruits, green leafy vegetables are all great sources of lysine.  Processed food should be avoided. 

* * *

If you're having an outbreak of fever blisters, you'll want to treat the symptoms.  A great natural home remedy for the symptoms of fever blisters is simply to avoid any foods that can cause irritation to the painful blisters.  These foods include crisp, hard foods that can irritate the skin.  The blisters can also grow more inflamed by eating spicy foods or citric foods like oranges or limes.

* * *

Fever blisters can usually be preceded by a tingling or itching feeling at the site where the outbreak will occur.  You may also develop a fever, feel generally unwell and may also have enlarged lymph nodes.  If you have these symptoms and have a history of fever blisters, a good natural remedy to keep the outbreak from coming on full force is to avoid foods such as whole-wheat, oatmeal, seeds, peas, grains, nuts, and chocolate. 

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