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Flea Home Remedies & Natural Treatments



Neem Oil

This oil is derived from an Indian plant and is widely used, not only in quality skin care products but to help control pests including fleas and ticks on animals and humans. A small amount rubbed onto your cat or dog.. and trust me.. you only need a few drops.. keeps fleas and ticks at bay.  Neem is harmless if licked off by a cat, unlike, for example, Tea Tree, which is EXTREMELY toxic to felines.  Neem also repels mosquitos to an amazing degree. Research has proven that in humans it keeps mossies away fro up to 8 hours, the same as DEET. We use it on ourselves too as an effectve insect repellent but for human use I always add lavender oil as the smell of pure Neem Oil is not particularly appetizing!  BTW, my friend\'s dog had fleas AND Ringworm (a fungal infection). In only two days the Neem got rid of the Ringworm.. the fleas had long since abandoned the dog!  by Caroline S. 2-20-2012


Diatomaceous Earth as Flea Home Remedy

You can get rid of your flea problem that is infesting your house with a simple flea home remedy.  Get some diatomaceous earth (DE) and dust it all over in your carpet.  DE is a natural earth product that contains the shreds of microscopic fossilized sea animals.  These fossils are very sharp and tiny.  When the fleas come in contact with it the particles cause them to dry up and die.  DE will also be effective with many more insects such as roaches and spiders.  It works on bedbugs too.  You can buy this at garden outlets everywhere.  Organic gardeners use it for insect control.  Another good thing about DE is that it is totally not toxic to humans or animals.  You can even eat it!  After about a week, vacuum up the DE and your fleas will be gone.


Salt Natural Flea Control

To get rid of fleas in your house, sprinkle standard table salt all through your carpets.  Vacuum it up in a few days along with all the dead fleas.


Diatomaceous Earth in Fur

Put diatomaceous earth in your pet’s bedding and rub it in to his or her fur.  Sprinkle it in your yard especially in places your pet likes to hang out.  Getting wet tends to take away its ability to kill fleas so you may have to redo the yard every once in a while.  They use it in swimming pool filters so you can by large bags of it at swimming pool supply places.


Brewer's Yeast

Put brewer’s yeast in your dog’s food – your cat too if he will eat it.  Also give your dog garlic.  It creates a natural repellant on the skin of your dog.  While onions and garlic can be toxic in large quantities, one or two cloves every so often will not be toxic. 


Tea Tree Oil Flea Natural Remedy

If your pet has a bad case of fleas, give a bath and add a drop or two of tea tree oil.  Lavender oil is also good as a flea home remedy.


Cookie Sheet Trap for Fleas

My aunt suggested this one. Put a white towel on the floor before you go to bed.  Put a cookie sheet filled with water in the middle of the towel.  Then put a light close to and shining on the pan.  As an option you could put a small candle in the middle of the cookie sheet.  The light attracts the fleas. They jump to the light but drown in the water.  If you mix in a little dish soap, it will make sure none of them swim out.  Dish soap breaks the surface tension and they get wetter quicker.  I have used this flea remedy myself and I was astonished at the large number of dead fleas that collected there.  This is one of the best home remedies for flea infestations.


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