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Flu Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Steamy Shower Natrual Remedy for Flu

One of the best, fastest and most effective natural remedies for flu symptoms is a simple hot shower.  Be sure to close all of the bathroom doors and windows so that you can trap as much steam as possible in the bathroom.  This will quickly convert your bathroom into your own sauna.  Keeping the bathroom steamy from a hot shower helps to moisten your nasal passages and mucous membranes.  The steam is also great at opening the airways for easier breathing.  This is one of the best natural cures for the flu.

* * *

While your body greatly depends on proper hydration for all of its functions, it's a lesser known fact that the respiratory system greatly benefits from adequate hydration (enough water) in the event of an influenza infection.  Keeping the body hydrated is the best and most important first step in treating a cold or flu naturally.  Water  is extremely important, as it helps to keep the respiratory system hydrated, which in turn keeps the mucous from becoming too thick.  By keeping the “gunk” in your nose and lungs liquefied, you are preventing build up of more mucous, and you're also making it easier for your body to expel the unwanted “gunk”.  While hot liquids can be more effective than cold beverages, try to stay away from coffee and alcohol.  While these drinks are technically liquids, they don't help to relieve any dehydration.  In fact, these drinks will only make dehydration worse.  Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water.  Sports drinks like Gatorade are also great at keeping the body hydrated when a fever is involved because they replace lost electrolytes and sodium.  Continue to drink the right liquids regularly and you'll soon notice that you'll feel better much more quickly. 

* * *

Using clean cotton towels to treat a throbbing head and sinuses is a cheap and wonderful way to treat flu symptoms.  This is especially helpful if you're having trouble breathing through your nose at all.  Simply take a moist warm cotton towel and apply to the sinus areas and cheeks.  Be sure to keep the towel at a comfortable temperature and avoid having it too hot so the skin does not burn.  This is by far one of the best and most comforting treatments for the flu. 

* * *

It's always advised to relax when sick, and what better way to relax than with a warm bath?  To kick your bath up a notch to really kick your flu symptoms to the curb, try adding some essential oils to your warm bath water.  I prefer to use sage, lemon balm, peppermint and rosemary when I feel flu symptoms starting.  This combination of essential oils is very effective at relieving a stuffy nose and mucous filled nasal passages.  Try taking a bath with these oils a few times at the first onset of symptoms, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how relaxed you feel and how much easier it is to breathe. 

* * *

Water as Flu Natural Remedy

The stomach flu can be totally miserable as an influenza.  Commonly acquired by consumption of bad food or water, the stomach flu is also caused by a viral infection and that makes this illness difficult to treat.  Thankfully, there are some wonderful home remedies that anyone can try at home.  One of my favorites home treatments for the stomach flu is simple hydration.  By keeping the body well-hydrated, the body is able to begin healing on its own.  The virus will generally be healed within a few days.  Keeping the body hydrated is the most important natural home remedy for the stomach flu.

* * *

First and foremost, it is imperative to understand that taking antibiotics will NOT treat the flu.  The influenza is caused by a viral infection, and antibiotics are completely useless against your symptoms and illness.  Instead, focus on other natural home remedies and treatments for your flu symptoms and you'll be better before you know it. 

* * *

The digestive system will likely suffer with a flu infection, and it's important to give your stomach a chance to settle down.  When you first start noticing symptoms of the flu, try to restrict your intake and only ingest water, liquids and electrolytes to replace anything lots from vomiting or diarrhea.  After a few hours, you will likely be hungry, but try to again limit your intake to bland foods, soups, water, and fresh fruit juices.  This is one of the best natural cures for the flu. 

* * *

Lactobacillis Flu Natural Remedy

Upset stomach is a common symptom of the flu.  To help soothe these unpleasant feelings, I use the home remedy of yogurt and curds with active cultures like lactobacilli to help aid digestion.  This remedy for treating one of the worst flu symptoms cannot be beat. 

* * *

All liquids are not created equal.  While it's important that you ingest plenty of liquids to keep your body properly hydrated, it's very important that you are drinking the right drinks.  Be sure to steer clear of any beverages that contain caffeine.  While they may contain trace amounts of water or other beneficial ingredients, colas and energy drinks that contain caffeine will only make you feel worse because they can further contribute to your dehydration.  Avoid these drinks, and you'll find that your flu symptoms will be getting better. 


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