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Flu Natural Cures & Home Remedies



Bland Food Natural Cure for Flu

When you (and most importantly, your stomach!) feel ready, you can begin to incorporate bland soups and broths into your diet.  I tend to start with a broth based soup and then I'll gradually add bland and mild food to my diet like bananas, toast, rice and baked potatoes.  This is very soothing to the stomach when affected with the flu. 

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Cold Compresses

When I have the flu, one of the most uncomfortable and frightening symptoms is the severe fever.  My favorite flu home remedy to keep my body temperature under control is through the use of cold compresses.  Simply soak a clean cotton towel in cold water and apply to the forehead, arms, face, stomach and legs.  Continue to dip the cloths in the cold water as soon as they begin to warm up from the body.  It is also a good idea to change the water frequently.  This helps keep the water clean and cold.  Once cold compresses have been applied to the body, the next most important thing to do is rest.  Keep the body well covered.  This may seem counter-intuitive with a fever, but keeping the body covered is good.  Be sure that you're getting plenty of liquids and fresh air.  Liquids should be a good quality like water, sports drinks or a homemade tea.  If you have an appetite and feel like eating, it's a good idea to start off with a broth based soup.  Rice is also a great choice when combating the flu.  Be sure to avoid any oily or spicy food, as this can only upset the stomach and will make recovery more difficult.  If my flu symptoms also include a sore throat, I like to gargle with warm water that has just a pinch of salt added to it.  Runny noses can be effectively treated with a steady steam inhalation.  Be sure to stay away from others for a few days (especially in the beginning stages of the sickness), as the flu is highly contagious.  Try these quick home remedies and you'll begin to quickly recover.

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Ginger Flu Home Remedy

Ginger tea is a great home remedy for treating the flu.  To make this healthy drink, simply peel then grate a half-inch piece of ginger.  Boil fresh filtered water and add the ginger to the hot water.  Once the water is reduced (this should take just a few minutes), strain the ginger.  If you prefer your tea to be a bit sweeter, you can always add a small amount of honey to your mug.  This easy tea is the perfect home treatment for the flu. 

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Garlic Natural Remedy

One of the best antiviral treatments is probably already in your kitchen at this moment.  Garlic is one of the best treatments for viral infections, including the flu.  Garlic has special natural properties that actually stop the virus from replicating inside the body.  Reap the benefits of this natural treatment by adding it to your food.  If you prefer not to eat the garlic, you can also ingest it in capsule form.  You'll be amazed by how quickly and easily garlic helps with the flu virus. 

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most well-known natural treatments for cold and flu symptoms.  Thankfully, it's very easy to get lots of vitamin C in your diet through eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system which helps the body to more effective fight against viral invasions.  You can find this wonderful vitamin in carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, limes, grapefruits, lemons, strawberries and oranges.  If you find that you're suffering from the flu, or flu like symptoms, be sure to incorporate lots of vitamin C into your diet and you'll notice that the symptoms will quickly begin to disappear. 

* * *

This is a great and very simple natural cure for the flu.  You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel by simply changing your clothes often throughout the day when suffering from the flu.  This simple remedy not only helps to reduce humidity levels in your house and bedroom, but it also helps to keep the virus from spreading.  You may also want to take frequent warm baths.  Be sure to soak in the tub longer than your normally would.  This helps to ease the aches and pains associated with the flu and can be very beneficial for soothing a sore throat.  Continue to change your clothes often and enjoy long warm soaks in the bath tub until you begin to feel your flu symptoms subside.  You'll love these flu home treatments that work for me every time!

* * *

To quickly get over an annoying and painful bout of the flu, you can utilize a few simple flu natural cures that work wonders when it comes to treating flu symptoms.  It's imperative that you stay adequately hydrated, as much of the body's fluid is lost from a fever.  While it's important to drink lots of fluids, be sure to cut out alcohol and caffeine.  Drinks containing these ingredients may be fine other times, but they can make your flu symptoms worse.  Caffeine and alcohol can contribute to dehydration and will only make you feel worse.  Be sure to get plenty of rest while you're sick with the flu.  Keeping your bedroom nice and warm will actually help with your fever.  You'll find that you'll be sweating much more during your sleep, so be sure that the body is well covered with blankets.  Follow these fast and easy home treatments and you'll be over your flu quickly.

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Many people don't like to use traditional over-the-counter medicines when it comes to treating the flu.  You can effectively treat your flu without taking lots of man-made chemicals and hurting your body even more.  Some of my favorite all-natural plant remedies for the flu include gelsenium or yellow jasmine tincture to help headaches, runny noses and throat pain that are commonly accompanied by the flu.  Another great natural treatment for the flu is arsenicum album.  Arsenicum album is especially great when it comes to treating the horrible body aches, constant thirst and lack of appetite associated with the flu.  Finally, try apis mellifica to get rid of your sore throat and facial flushing.  While all of these home remedies work wonders when fighting the flu, there is no better treatment than getting lots of fluid and rest. 

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Lemon is a great home remedy for the flu.  Not only is lemon (juice, extract and the fruit itself) rich in Vitamin C, it is also chock-full of plant constituents called phytochemicals.  These special chemicals help to boost the immune system.  This is especially important when fighting the flu, as we want our bodies to be as strong as possible to ward off any infection.  Be sure to get lots of lemon into your diet when you first start noticing signs and symptoms of the flu. This is one of the best natural cures for flu.

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