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Food Poisoning Natural Home Remedies



Bacteria or parasites are the main causes of food poisoning.  They enter the body via contaminated food by the millions.  To fight the invasion, your body will begin to produce and send out antibodies.  This defense mechanism can take awhile to happen, so the body will need all the energy it can muster.  This is why complete bed rest is a great natural home remedy for food poisoning.  By limiting your activity, you are allowing the body to begin its own healing process. 

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An upset stomach is not the only awful symptom of food poisoning.  Between episodes of diarrhea and vomiting, it's very important to drink as many fluids as possible to completely cure the food poisoning.  While water is essential, it's equally important to replace lost electrolytes.  These can be found in fortified bottled water and sports drinks.  Instead of meals (or between meals), frozen juice bars and popsicles are good choices to help keep the body hydrated.

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Nausea is a common symptom of food poisoning.  This can be treated by keeping the patient's diet limited to brothy soups and clear liquids.  Be sure to keep to this diet until the food poisoning episode has passed.  Once the patient feels like they can begin to keep solid foods down, begin with fresh bread slices or saltine crackers.  Nausea can also be triggered by the room temperature.  Be sure that the room isn't too hot or too cold.  Patients will likely feel relief of their nausea from enjoyable conversation with visitors and soothing music, as these tend to reduce stress.  Stress has been shown to make nausea worse.

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Prevention is the best home remedy for treating food poisoning.  Do not expose your food to chemicals, and keep away from insects.  If you are cooking meat, it is imperative that it is cooked thoroughly before serving.  If it isn't being served immediately, wrap it up and store it properly in the refrigerator.  Label leftovers with the date. Another important preventative step against food poisoning is to use a different cutting board and knife for raw and cooked foods.  Use separate cutting boards for produce and meat as well. 

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Stewed apples are a great natural home remedy for food poisoning.  These delicious treats soothe the inside of the stomach and help fight the bacteria and parasites.  You can sweeten the apples to taste and can eat as many as you like.  If you prefer, you can also try all natural yogurt.  Be sure not to eat the flavored variety.  This will work in soothing the stomach lining in the same manner. 

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Charcoal Home Remedy for Food Poisoning

Activated charcoal is very effective against food poisoning.  Unwanted gases and materials are caught up and captured by this powerful absorbing agent.  The material is then removed through the digestive system.  Activated charcoal can be purchased at health food stores, and looks like tiny capsules filled with a dark powder.  The dosage for these capsules is two pills as needed.  A good idea is to take two pills with a slice of fresh bread and a full glass of water.  If you do not feel a noticeable difference in your food poisoning symptoms, go ahead and take an additional two capsules. 

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Colloidal Silver Natural Remedy for Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be effectively treated at home with colloidal silver.  All you need to do is ingest approximately one cup and the stomach should feel settled soon.  This will help to quell any nausea.  This is especially helpful if you have recently eaten fast food and are feeling nauseas from the grease.


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