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Fungus Home Remedies



When people realize that they have a fungal infection, they tend to try one remedy, and then try a different remedy a week later.  What they don't realize is that it can take some time for the remedy to begin working and the fungal infection to completely subside.  So, this may mean that while you feel that you've only found one home remedy that works after trying several, it's likely that all of the home remedies you have tried are working well.  That being said, one of the best treatments for fungal infections on the skin is to try scrubbing the area with Selsun blue or any other anti-dandruff shampoo.  Once the are has been cleaned, dry it well using a blow dryer on low heat.  Once the area is completely dry, either bandage the area loosely or not at all.  By scrubbing the area with the anti-dandruff shampoo, you're actually removing the spores of any new fungal infection and you're keeping the infection from spreading.  While it's important to be diligent with your cleaning regimen, it's also wise to remember to allow nature to run its course. 

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Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is a wonderful natural home remedy for ringworm and Thrush.  It can be found at your local health food store and can really come in handy for its various properties.  Simply apply the grapefruit seed extract directly to the area that has been infected with fungus with a cotton swab.  Cover the area with a bandage, but not too tightly.  Within a few hours, you'll notice that the area will begin to form a bubble.  Once you see the area bubbling, remove the bandage and allow to completely air dry.  The fungus will be gone.  If one application does not effectively kill the fungal infection, continue to repeat the application of grapefruit seed extract until the fungus is completely removed from the body. 

* * *

To treat ringworm infections, a homemade mixture can be applied to the skin to kill the fungus.  The mixture should be made of equal parts betadine solution and isopropyl alcohol.  Once the two solutions are mixed well together, apply to the fungus area with an eye dropper.  Rub the mixture into the skin until well blended and allow to air dry.  Keep re-applying the mixture as often as possible, and you'll notice that the fungus should be gone in approximately two days.  While the mixture does have a red color, this is a great way to treat fungal infections. 

* * *

Salt Vinegar Paste Fungus Home Remedy

Salt can be mixed with cider vinegar to create a paste.  Be sure to use a kosher, non-iodized type of salt.  The paste should then be applied to the area affected with fungus.  Apply generously and thickly.  Once the paste is applied to the skin, cover the paste with a plastic wrap like saran wrap from the kitchen.  Keep the plastic over the paste and skin for about five to ten minutes.  Repeat this treatment twice daily.  Within a day or so, you'll begin to notice an improvement in the infection.  While you may see improvement in a day, continue to repeat this treatment for about two weeks.  It will take some time to completely kill the fungus and keep it from spreading.  This is an excellent home remedy for treating fungus.

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Toothpaste Fungus Natural Home Remedy

Bleach works very well to dry up ringworm.  If you have a fungal infection like ringworm, dilute a small amount of bleach with some water so the skin is not irritated.  This will help to keep the fungus from spreading and will kill the fungus that has already infected the skin. 

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Toothpaste is known to be a wonderful home treatment for acne, but it works the same way for ringworm.  If you have a fungal infection like ringworm, apply some toothpaste (it MUST be the paste kind, not a gel) to the area.  The paste actually suffocates the fungus and keeps it from spreading to other areas. 

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Tiger balm is used to treat a myriad of ailments, and ringworm and fungal infections are among these maladies.  Simply apply the tiger balm to the area a few times daily.  While you'll experience some slight burning and an unpleasant smell, the ringworm will clear up quickly. 

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