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Fungus Home Remedies



While it may sound a bit odd, this fungus home remedy actually works wonders for treating ringworm.  First, you'll need to get a regular sheet of notebook paper (yes, like the kind you can tear out of a notebook) and crinkle the sheet into a loose ball.  Place the wad of notebook paper onto a glass plate.  Now, set fire to the paper and allow it to burn.  You'll notice an oil to begin to form on the plate.  Once you see the oil appearing, extinguish the flame and apply the oil to the ringworm immediately.  This should be a great overnight treatment for ringworm. 

* * *

Gentian Violet Fungus Treatment Home Remedy

Gentian violet is a wonderful natural treatment for ringworm.  It is commonly used for fungal treatment on farm animals.  While it can be hard to find, the internet works wonders when it comes to difficult to find products.  To obtain the product immediately, you can try to find the product at a feed store or at the health food store.  Gentian violet comes in liquid form and will turn the area it is applied to purple, so be cautious of any staining.  It will take some time for it to fade from the skin, but can be exfoliated off. 

* * *

Mustard Paste Fungus Home Remedy

Make a paste from ground mustard seeds and apply to the area affected with fungus.  This is especially effective for ringworm. 

* * *

To treat ringworm and other fungal infections, slice unripe papaya and rub it to the affected area.  Do this twice daily as a fungus home remedy and you'll begin to see results. 

* * *

Turmeric Fungus Home Remedy

Ringworm and other kinds of fungus can be treated naturally using turmeric and honey.  Make a mixture of raw turmeric and the honey and apply directly to the skin. 

* * *

Ringworm is a type of fungal infection that is very common.  It can be treated using dietary changes, but perhaps one of the best treatments for this specific fungal infection is to ingest plenty of raw vegetable juices.  Ringworm responds especially well to carrot juice mixed with spinach juice.  Try a combination of 300 milliliters of carrot juice and 200 milliliters of spinach juice.  This will total 500 milliliters or juice that packs a powerful punch against ringworm and other types of fungal infections.  Drink this healthy concoction twice daily and soon your fungus will disappear. 

* * *

Diet as Fungus Home Remedy

For someone suffering from fungus, an all fruit diet should be adopted.  The patient should consume nothing but fruit for five days.  There should be a total of three square meals a day and they should consist of a variety of fruits like pomegranate seeds, pineapples, papayas, oranges, and apples eaten every five hours.  Consuming nothing but fruits actually helps to remove dead and unwanted matter from the body.  After the first five days of a fruit exclusive diet, the patient should then begin to incorporate raw or steamed vegetables, but only without salt.  These vegetables can be ingested with a whole wheat tortilla.  After a few days of the vegetables being added to the diet, milk and other curd products can be added.  Diet is a great home remedy for fungus.

* * *

Fungus can be irritated by different kinds of food.  Someone suffering from fungus should avoid white flour, bottled and tinned foods and sugar.  Condiments, coffee and tea are also foods that can irritate a fungal infection. 

* * *

Copper Home Remedy for Fungus

An expression of treating fire with fire may be appropriate in this scenario.  If you have a fungal infection on the skin, this remedy works very well.  First, take a bottle cap from a beer and fill it with apple cider vinegar.  Take an old penny and place it in the vinegar and allow the penny to sit in the vinegar overnight.  In the morning, you'll see green fungus growing on the penny.  Rub the penny on the fungus on the skin.  You should see the fungus disappear within two days.  Repeat this process if it isn't cured with one treatment. 

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