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Goiter Home Remedies & Natural Cures




There are many home remedies for treating Goiter, and most of these have something to do with iodine.  If you are going to have some iodine to counter your Goiter condition; you need to have it in organic form.  There are many foods with iodine in them and you should have large helpings.  Some of these foods include:  turnips, garlic, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, whole rice, oats, pineapples, onions, watercress, citrus fruits, egg yolks, strawberries, guavas, and sea foods.


Watercress Goiter Home Remedy

I have found a very useful approach in treating my Goiter.  I have found that watercress is very helpful in restoring the correct functioning of the thyroid gland.  It is not only good in treating the condition; but, is also very helpful in preventing the onset of Goiter.  The iodine in the watercress is what is providing the help.  You can even make a paste out of the watercress and put it over the affected areas.  This will help to reduce swelling.


Swamp Cabbage Goiter Home Remedy

A friend of our family told me about a treatment they’ve used for many years with their grandfather who has Goiter.  They use the leaves of swamp cabbage as a very effective treatment.  They take the leaves and squeeze juice from them and take one teaspoon of this juice along with some tea almonds and take this as a medicine once or twice a day. This is one of the best home remedies for goiter.



I know of a home remedy for Goiter that may not be terribly well known.  It is using Kachnar (or known as Bauhinia variegatas) which is a type of folk medicine for treating Goiter in India.  About two times a day you take around 30 ml of the bark extract in the morning while you have an empty stomach.


Dandelion as Goiter Natural Home Remedy

After researching for a home remedy to treat my Goiter I came across the suggestion of using dandelion.  I tried it and it actually helped improve my condition and removed all the discomfort.  You take dandelion leaves and smear and mix them with clarified butter.  After you warm this, you cover and bandage the swollen areas for a couple of weeks.  All the discomfort you have will gradually disappear.


If you are experiencing pain and swelling from Goiter, the seeds of flex can be very helpful in treating this.  You should take the seeds and ground them in water, and after heating them, cover the affected areas.  Next, you take the leaves of the tree and used them as bandages over the affected areas.


To help combat the condition of Goiter taking fruit juices is a great approach.  There are lots of fruits like oranges, pineapples, apples, and grapes that will work great.  For about five days you should have some juice from one of these fruits every few hours throughout the day.  You will notice a positive improvement with your condition.


In treating my Goiter I was told to go on a juice fast for five days to a week, then to spend the next three days combining a glass of milk with the fruit I have at each meal.  Each of these meals should be spread apart at about five hour intervals.


Diet as Goiter Home Remedy

When you are considering a home remedy to treat your Goiter, you should consider your diet.  There are some foods and liquids that you will need to avoid when having this condition.  Otherwise, your condition could suffer and really worsen.  Some of the foods and drinks you should avoid include:  flesh foods, greasy and fried foods, white flour products, white sugar, preserves, tea, condiments, alcohol and coffee.


Enemas as Goiter Home Remedy

There is a home remedy for Goiter that may not be the most pleasant to use; but, is effective.  I’m talking about resting and cleansing the bowel with lukewarm water.  This involves spending five days treating the bowels with daily cleansing using lukewarm water.  You need to get lots of rest and spend at least one day a week in bed during the first two months of this treatment.  After the symptoms subside, then you can gradually increase your physical activity.


Lemon as Natural Home Remedy for Goiter

Have lemon juice each morning to wash away the toxins in the goiter.I find this very helpful as a home remedy for goiter.  by R.D. 1-3-2012


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