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Gray Hair Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Ribbed Gourd & Coconut Oil

I’ve had graying hair for many years now and I’ve been told a few home remedies for gray hair that I’ll tell you about.  One of these is taking some ribbed gourd and cutting it up into small pieces and let them dry. Then you add the dried ribbed gourd pieces and put them in two cups of coconut oil and let it come to a boil.  This will produce a black residue that will settle at the bottom of the pan.  Next, massage this mixture into your scalp.  You should do this every day as this is really helpful for treating premature graying.  Also, another thing you can do is to massage some onion juice on your scalp about one half hour before you wash your hair.  The onion juice is very good for all hair related problems and will help combat against early graying.  There is also a hair paste that you can make and apply to your scalp.  To make this paste; you need to have two tablespoons of dried and crushed Henna leaves added to some yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice.  Once you have put this on your scalp, leave it on for about one half hour before you wash it out.  You should use a mild and natural shampoo.  This is a great natural cure for gray hair.


 I don’t know if you’ve heard of this; but, it’s an old belief that if you pull out a single strand of gray hair that you’ll have several more hair strands turn gray.  The truth is that you are actually just tugging on the hair follicles of the hair strands from the pulling pressure.  So, when you try to eliminate some gray hairs by pulling them out, you’re not making your hair turn gray faster.  Your hair turns gray because the hair follicles stop making sebum or have slowed down in the production of sebum.


Diet as Home Remedy for Gray Hair

Your diet is a great way to use a home remedy for graying hair.  In your diet, you should have a large amount of leafy vegetables that contain lots of vitamins and minerals.  Some of the very positive foods you should be eating include:  cereals, wheat germ, carrots, tomatoes, bananas, fish, oysters, crab, nuts, egg yolk and yogurt.  These foods will help your hair to stay dark and lush.  You should avoid foods that are too oily, spicy, or sour.  Also, lower your amount of alcohol, coffee, and tea.


Yoga & Meditation

Stress and not enough rest can also add to the risk of your hair turning gray.  You can help prevent your hair from turning gray by finding ways to rest and relax.  Be sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and exercise.  Also, some yoga stretching and even meditation can be very helpful in learning to relax and to relieve stress.  All these things can help your body be healthy and energized.  This will also have an impact upon your hair and the process of it turning gray.


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