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Gum Pain Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Baking Soda & Peroxide

Here is a home remedy for gum pain that has really worked well for me.  First, when you brush your teeth; do it very gently.  Also, the toothpaste you should use should be Crest mixed with baking soda and peroxide.  You should brush for at least five minutes.


Wintergreen Oil as Home Remedy for Gum Pain

Whenever I have experienced severe gum pain, I have always used wintergreen oil.  It has always provided great relief from the pain.


Garlic as Home Remedy for Gum Pain

Going back about seven years ago I had a tremendous gum infection that led to a severe toothache.  I went to my dentist and he prescribed antibiotics and vicodin.  The pain continued and I worried that I may lose my back molar.  I tried a home remedy for my gum pain that involved the use of garlic compresses applied directly to the area of pain.  I also did salt water rinses and had dental cleanings three times a year.  A couple weeks ago this same problem surfaced on the other side of my mouth.  This time the antibiotic and vicodin didn’t provide any relief at all.  The chewing was so painful that it nearly brought me to tears.  I made a tincture of tea tree oil, peppermint, cloves, and cayenne and put it directly to the painful area using a cotton swab.  Within one day I was feeling relief.  After only two days, the pain was gone.  If you use this on a regular basis; your gums and the deep pockets will heal.  I also discovered that if you are at work or some place away from this treatment, you can use table salt as a temporary form of getting relief.


The past three months I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having two gum infections.  These resulted from having partially impacted wisdom teeth.  My solution for treating this condition involves some regular teeth maintenance and a little of my home remedy for gum pain.  First you must brush your teeth regularly and often.  When you do brush; brush softly around the teeth and gums in the affected area.  You don’t want to add any unnecessary irritation.  If you smoke, stop!  You should eat a healthy diet and take supplements that will help with your immune system.  Some examples of good supplements may include:  lysine, goldenseal garlic, and echinacea.  I suggest you apply some tea tree oil to the affected area.  You should also use mouthwash several times a day.  Also you  may want to avoid some that are overly harsh.  I recommend the Desert Essence’s stuff that has some tea tree oil in it.  Biotene is also good to use.  You can also gargle a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.


If you have a continued problem of gum pain and bleeding, your dentist may not be providing the type of dental cleaning you need.  They may not be cleaning your teeth and your gums deep enough to attack all the tarter that may be out of sight.  I suggest that you go to a dental hygienist instead of a dentist.  They will do a deep cleaning that may take an hour or more and might even require a second visit to complete the procedure.  The dental hygienist will look specifically at the gums and be more thorough with the process.  The cost of going to a dental hygienist is usually less than the cost of going to a dentist.

I learned this the hard way as I initially went to my dentist regarding the sensitivity of my painful and bleeding gums.  He told me to just floss harder and to brush more.  This only made my teeth more sensitive and my gums more painful.  After just one visit to my dental hygienist I was able to brush and floss without bleeding or pain within two days.


As far as home remedies for gum pain I brush my teeth regularly and also use mouth wash and rinse.  I also floss my teeth using some oral jell on the floss.  If I am experiencing any pain I take aspirin or Tylenol to get rid of the inflammation.  Also, you can put some vanilla extract on the affected area of gum pain.  After awaking this morning without any gum pain, I’m recommending this.  I wish you lots of luck!


Salt and Ginger Gum Pain Natural Home Remedy

After suffering for about three years I was told about a home remedy for gum pain I want to pass along.  This is an effective treatment that worked well for me.  You take some salt and ginger and mix it together making a paste.  Next, you rub this paste all along your gum line and keep it there for a while.  You’ll be surprised with the results!


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