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Hair Care Home Remedies & Natural Tips



African American Hair Care Tip

I have a hair care tip for African Americans to help keep your hair bouncy, soft and straight. I take olive oil and put it all over my hair and then I sit under a hair dryer for thirty minutes. I like to use a shampoo called Mane and Tail. After I wash my hair I apply the Mane and Tail conditioner and sit under the hair dryer for another thirty minutes. Then I blow dry my hair and press it. I do not have a perm yet my hair is always really shiny and soft.


Baking Soda for Hair Care

You do not need to use expensive products to get the build up off your hair. There are hair care home remedies that can assist you without spending a fortune! A good friend of mine works at a beauty salon and I decided to call her and ask her what she would do suggest.  At the time I was using a lot of different kinds of products on my hair and my hair was looking dull and feeling greasy. She told me to simply take my shampoo and mix it with baking soda. Who knew that baking soda was cheap in price yet had so many practical uses!!


A simple hair care tip for helping to keep your hair nicely conditioned is to keep your conditioner in the refrigerator. Your hair likes cold and the hair follicles respond well to a cold product.


Biotin Home Remedy for Hair Care

A cosmetologist gave me this great hair care home remedy. This will help your hair, nails and skin! You can take biotin as a supplement. They sell a great biotin supplement at GNC if you happen to have one near you and I am certain other health food stores carry it as well. Fred Meyer also has a huge selection of vitamins and supplements. Also if you straighten your hair daily or use the blow dryer a lot give your hair a break and go a day or two just allowing your hair to dry naturally.


I have found that many of the hair care home remedies do not always work very well on African American hair. So, I have researched to find a hair care natural tip that would help my hair. I found a very simple hair care tip using plain mayonnaise. I keep a jar of mayonnaise in my refrigerator so I can conditioner my hair whenever I need to. I take about 3 tsp of mayo and add a tsp of lemon juice and a tsp of olive oil and one egg yolk together. I mix this all together with a fork until it is very smooth. I apply it all over my hair. I also have found using an olive oil based shampoo helps keep my hair supple and shiny. I like to add lemon juice to the solution because I think it adds an extra shine to my hair!


I have dry hair and found this hair care tip while talking to friends. A lot of my friends use olive oil and egg yolk mixed together as a deep conditioner. It sounded yucky to me however I tried it anyway. It is the best natural remedy for dry hair I have ever tried. I do this about once a week. I take a couple tsp of olive oil and one egg yolk. I mix it together and massage into my hair. I let it soak into my hair for a half hour then I wash my hair. Sometimes I have to shampoo twice but my hair always comes out shiny and soft!


I have blonde hair and I find that my hair gets oily a lot. I do not like using the products that they sell at the store because they are expensive and seem to have a lot of chemicals in them. I found this hair care natural tip in a magazine and tried it. I use about a cup of vinegar and add some water to it then after I shampoo I pour this mix over my hair and let it sit on my hair for a few minutes. Then I rinse and condition my hair. This makes my hair shiny and also takes away all that build on my hair. It is inexpensive and works great! Another wonderful tip is when you dry your hair do not do it roughly. Use a soft cotton towel and gently dry it. Also try not to use a blow dryer after you wash your hair each day. Letting your hair dry naturally helps your hair keep the natural oils and in turn keeps your hair shiny and soft.


One of my favorite hair care home remedies for keeping my curly hair nice and soft and shiny is to wash my hair before bed then wrap my hair in my favorite conditioner and put a light plastic cap on my conditioned hair and let it soak overnight. By the next morning my hair has had a heavy duty conditioning and all I have to do is hop in the shower and rinse it.


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