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Hair Growth Home Remedies



Aloe Vera Stimulates Hair Growth

The prospect of stimulating hair growth is something that millions of women and men will confront.  There is a great home remedy for hair growth that has been used for untold centuries. Many different cultures have used aloe vera to promote hair growth.  Also it is affordable, natural and safe.  Here is how to do it.  Buy aloe vera gel and apply it directly to the areas that are going bald.  Aloe vera has an enzyme that naturally stimulates hair growth.  You can do this as often as you like as there are no known side effects.  You can make an aloe very shampoo by mixing coconut milk with wheat germ oil and aloe vera gel.  Mix it with a stick blender and refrigerate.  Try to adhere to a low-protein, low-fat diet.  Animal protein and fat has been shown to create a number of physical reactions that lead to loss of hair.  Here is a good natural organic shampoo that has aloe vera as the number one ingredient:  Ocean Lovers Organic Shampoo


Using Oils for Hair Growth

For centuries essential oils have been used to promote hair growth.  They do this by strengthening and nourishing the hair roots.  This causes the hair to grow more quickly and naturally.

Coconut Oil and Hair Growth

This is one of the most commonly used oils as a hair growth home remedy and has been used for this purpose since the time of the Roman Empire.  Massage it into your scalp regularly to stimulate hair growth and to promote the growth of existing hair.

Hair Growth with Olive Oil

Olive oil is another commonly used treatment.  If your hair is falling out or growing slowly, massage olive oil into your scalp with your fingers just before retiring at night.  Wash it out in the morning. 

Jojoba Oil to Stop Hair Loss

Jojoba oil is yet another popular oil for creating good hair growth.  It is exceptional for stopping hair loss.  Jojoba oil is good at treating hair that has been damaged.

Rosemary Essential Oil

This is perhaps the most well known essential oil that is used for the purpose of reversing baldness.  Like the others, gently massage it into your scalp at night before bed.  Don’t use this if you are pregnant.

Other essential oils that can be used to promote new hair growth and protect old hair growth are essential oils of peppermint, chamomile, basil, bay, tea tree, and lavender.  Some essential oils are too strong to apply directly and must be diluted with another oil such as olive oil or almond oil.

It has been thoroughly demonstrated in clinical trials that lavender oil will increase hair growth in 70 percent of those who applied it to their scalp three times each week.  The control group using almond oil had zero increase.  Leave the lavender oil on for about 20 minutes and then shampoo to remove it.


Here is a good home remedy for hair growth.  Into a cup of warm water mix ½ teaspoon each of tea tree, margosa and melaleuca oils.  Then ad 18 drops of rosemary essential oil and 18 drops of lavender essential oil. The margosa oil is very effective at removing itching.  Lavender oil will make your hair grow like it did when you were young.  Put all this in a mason jar and shake it rapidly before using as the ingredients will try to separate as they sit.  Do a test of this on a small part of your head to make sure you have no allergic reaction.  You can also substitute almond oil for the water. 


If you have hair loss try this method.  Squeeze all the juice out of one lemon into a suitable container.  Put some dry banyan tree root into a grinder (like the ones with whirling blades you would use to grind coffee beans).  Use this solution to wash your hair for a week or two.  After you wash your hair, rub in a little coconut oil on the bald spots.


Use an equal mixture of almond oil and castor oil to rub into your scalp several times a week.  This will promote hair growth and help you keep the hair you have in healthy condition


Mix together equal parts of camphor and curd.  This will make a paste that you can put on the scalp.  It should be allowed to sit and soak in for several hours before washing out.


Make a tea out of the herb yarrow and use it when you shampoo.  This will open the pores on your scalp and promote new hair growth.  You can also drink the tea for the same purpose.


There is a common home remedy for baldness that is used in Europe.  Take a rutabaga root and shred it with the skin still on it.  You can put it in a blender.  Take the blended rutabaga, juice and all, and put on your scalp in a thick layer.  Do this several times a week.


Caffeine Home Remedy for Hair Growth

You can purchase caffeine as an anhydrous powder.  You will pay about $6 for 100 grams.  Into 8 ounces of shampoo, mix 4 teaspoons of this powder and use it to shampoo.  As an option, you can mix the same powder into a bottler with a squeeze sprayer and spray it on your scalp about 15 minutes before you take a shower. Do this once each day.  You are using too much if you get a headache after you use it.  Here is the headline from the clinical study that showed caffeine applied to the hair follicles was effective at treating hair loss:

Caffeine Counteracts the Growth Inhibitory Effect of Testosterone
in Ex Vivo Human Hair Follicles from Male Patients with AGA

T.W. Fischer1,2, U.C. Hipler1, P. Elsner1
1Department of Dermatology and Allergology, Friedrich-
Schiller-University, Jena, 2Department of Dermatology and
Venerology, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein,
University of Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany


Juice some spinach and put it on your scalp as a poultice.  Do this several times a week to stop hair loss.


Take a shower with hot water as hot as you can stand it pouring on your head just before you are going to get out.  Massage the scalp while doing this with your finger tips.  The idea is to increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles.  Massaging is very good at stopping loss of hair and for stimulating hair growth.


Put honey on your scalp in the areas that are going bald.  Wash it off when you take a shower.


Make a strong tea from rosemary leaves.  Mix this in with the shampoo you normally use.             


Lavender Oil Home Remedy Causes Hair Growth

Lavender essential oil will promote growth of new hair.  And help keep the hair you have healthy and vibrant.  Rub a little in before going to bed at night.  You may have to dilute it with olive oil.  Try a little at first to see. 


You can get a good organic shampoo with aloe vera, lavender, chamomile and jojoba oil all of which promote new hair growth.  You can order this product from Ocean Lovers Organic Shampoo

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