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Hair Loss Natural Home Remedies, Treatments & Cures




Licorice is a fantastic home remedy for hair loss. You can purchase licorice as a tincture or an extract. You simply take the licorice tincture or extract and add it to your shampoo. There is a chemical in licorice that works wonders in helping the testosterone converted to dihydrotestosterone, which helps your body and scalp from losing your hair.



My home remedy for hair loss is sage. I love the smell of sage as well so this remedy was very appealing to me. I found that my hair growth improved when I added sage to my shampoo. For hundreds of years sage has been a well known natural remedy for the prevention of hair loss. Use can also steep sage tea and then use as a rinse on your hair. I like using the tea as a rinse for my hair!


Almond and Rosemary Oil

Almond oil added to rosemary oil is a wonderful hair loss natural remedy. Take both oils and mix them together and massage into scalp for at least 20 minutes a day. This has been a folk remedy for centuries. Some say that this blend helps dilate the blood vessels in your scalp which in turn promotes natural hair growth.


Safflower Oil

A natural treatment for hair loss is oil called safflower oil. Take safflower oil and massage into your scalp on a daily basis. Safflower oil is also wonderful root stimulator and natural conditioner.


My grandmother always urged me to be gentle with my hair because friction on your hair can break hair follicles and cause hair loss. So, her natural remedy for hair loss is to not towel dry your hair roughly, instead always be gentle. Also she used silk scarves while sleeping. She was adamant that this scarf would help protect my hair at night. She told me to take a silk scarf and wrap it around my hair at night before I go to sleep. I am doing this and finding my hair to be quite soft and luxurious looking. Also you can purchase silk pillow cases which also help protect your hair.



A natural treatment for hair loss is a healthy diet. A healthy diet to helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Adequate nutrition in the form of brown rice, whole wheat pasta and wholesome vegetables and fruits help our body maintain balance prevent immune deficiencies which can cause hair loss and other health problems. Minerals such as copper taken in the recommended dosage help hair loss and also can keep your hair from graying.


Many people over use hair dye and in turn hair loss is the result. Over using chemicals on your hair and or washing your hair too frequently can cause hair loss and also dryness of the hair. A home remedy for hair loss is to be gentle with your hair. Perhaps wash ever other day or even every few days to allow the natural oils in your scalp to benefit your hair. We strip away our natural oils with excessive washing and dying of the hair. So, allow your hair to take a vacation from being washed and overheated.


I have found that the more natural my hair products are the less I need hair intervention from a beautician. The most natural treatment for hair loss is the use of natural shampoos and conditioners that contain lavender or other essential oils. These products are a wonderful way to revitalize your hair. The unnatural ingredients in some hair products can be harsh on your hair. Search for natural products if at all possible.



Hormonal changes and stress are known to cause hair loss. So the best home remedy I have for hair loss is keeping my diet healthy and using the proper supplements in relation to what physical challenges I am enduring. This healthy way of living will help to prevent hair loss and actually promote hair growth. Taking time in our day to meditate or relax can be a very positive way to help reduce stress and regenerate our immune system! If you find yourself feeling stressed and a few days later see more hair than usual in your hair brush you will realize how important it is to avoid unnecessary stress in your life. Even taking a few moments to stop and breathe when you are feeling overly stressed will help reduce the effects of the stress to your body and in turn help to bring joy into your life. Our hair can reflect the state of our health. The better we take care of our own health the healthier our hair will be.


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