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Hangover Natural Home Remedies and Cures



Mustard Bath

Mustard baths are a very healing detoxifying natural cure for hangovers. Take about 2 tbsp of pure mustard powder and pour into a hot bath. Steep in this bath for at least twenty minutes then after rinsing and drying off lie down and rest for at least twenty minutes. Mustard is a well known natural detoxifier.


Tiger Balm

If you are suffering from a headache due to a hangover I have a natural remedy for this hangover symptom. Purchase some tiger balm and take a dab of it and massage into you temple area and also the back of your neck. Lie down and allow this wonderful remedy take effect! Tiger balm has many natural ingredients such as camphor, menthol, clove oil and cajuput oil that are so potent for healing.


Home remedies for hangovers are the most helpful. My suggestion is to make certain preparations in your house before you leave for your party or before you begin to drink. The best way to prevent a bad hangover is to make sure you drink water and eat food while you are drinking the alcohol because this will help to hydrate your body while you are consuming the alcohol. When you awaken the next day feeling hung over you will be very happy you have honey in your house. Honey will help your body counteract the effects of the alcohol. It has fructose and potassium in it and both help to bring your system back to normal. Take 2 to 6 teaspoons of honey every 20 minutes in the morning. Another great recipe that includes the honey is a banana smoothie using honey and almond milk. Blend these ingredients together and drink slowly. The banana also has potassium. The smoothie will help to soothe your stomach as well.



Almonds are used by some American Indians as a preventive natural cure for hangovers. Eat a handful of almonds before you drink any alcohol and this will help prevent the possibility of having a bad hangover because the almonds are full of nutrients.


A great natural remedy for preventing hangovers is to eat peanut butter before you drink any alcohol. This is an African remedy I read about and seems to work! It is said that the fat content in the peanut butter helps to prevent the alcohol from absorbing into your system.


Prickly Pear Hangover Home Remedy

My home remedy for hangover problems is an extract I read about years ago. It is called Prickly Pear Cactus Extract. You can purchase this in the vitamin and herb section in your grocery or health food store. This extract helps to ease the symptoms of the hangover and actually help promote healing. This is a wonderful extract to take for helping the nausea associated with hangovers.


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