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Head Congestion Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Gin Soaked Golden Raisins

Gin soaked golden raisins is an old natural home remedy for head congestion passed down through my family. It is very effective and works quickly. Just take a handful of raisins and soak them in Gin for an hour. Chew the raisins and the natural aroma of the raisins with gin will open your airways and relieve head congestion. Just eat in moderation!


Sleep and Hydration Home Remedy for Head Congestion

It is very important to make certain you get a lot of sleep and drink water while you are experiencing head congestion. My home remedy for head congestion is making sure I get rest, drink water and relax. I also elevate my pillow at night to help my nasal passages natural drainage.


Rosemary, Catnip and Eucalyptus Oil

Herbs and aromatherapy are a very simple home remedy to relieve head congestion. The herbs catnip and rosemary can be steeped in hot water with added eucalyptus oil for a natural aromatherapy steam bath. You can also take the dry herbs and add a few drops of the eucalyptus oil to them and place in your vehicle or next to your bed so that you are able to breathe in the natural healing aromatherapy while going about your day and while sleeping at night.


Cumin Seeds

A natural cure home remedy for head congestion is using cumin seeds. The oil in cumin seeds help to naturally relieve head congestion not to mention cumin is also a natural healer of bacterial infections. You can use a teaspoon of cumin powder and add to one cup of boiling water and drink as a tea. Some people find the taste of cumin a bit unpleasant so I suggest adding honey to the hot water and cumin. Honey is also a natural healing food for head congestion. The cumin seeds themselves are a bit more potent however using cumin in powder form is very beneficial. You can also add cumin to food as a spice. 


Recliner Chair

If your head congestion is really bothering you my home remedy is to use a reclining chair to sleep in. You can also elevate your pillows on your bed if you do not own a reclining chair. You elevate your pillows by placing books or a board underneath your pillow. A reclining chair will truly help you sleep and at the same time relieve your head congestion. The nasal passages become swollen and irritated so sleeping in an elevated reclining position helps to ease the pressure place on your nasal passages. You will feel so much better after getting a good night’s sleep!


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