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Head Lice Natural Remedies and Home Remedies



Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

My young daughter came home with head lice. I did not want to use RID or any other harsh chemicals and I also did not want to mess with using oil on her. I found this natural remedy through a friend. She told me to purchase Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and use as a leave in shampoo. I followed her instructions and coated my daughters hair and scalp in Cetaphil then I combed out the excess and proceeded to blow dry her hair while the Cetaphil caked her scalp. I then left this hard dried Cetaphil on my daughter’s hair for a good eight hours before rinsing out. This totally worked. Killed all the head lice. I highly recommend this home remedy for head lice.


Listerine and Dawn Dish Soap

My family and I have had to battle head lice infestations for the past five years until we finally figured out what works. Our home remedy for head lice is to take minty blue Listerine and soak your hair in it for two hours, then rinse with Dawn dish soap and comb through your hair. Next step is to spray or pour over the hair white vinegar and leave this vinegar on your hair for one hour while your hair is covered in a shower cap. After the hours is past wash your hair again with Dawn shampoo and comb through your hair.


Blue Magic Coconut Oil Conditioner

My home remedy for head lice is to use a product I found called Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner. I have tried for years to eliminate head lice from our lives to no avail until I came upon Blue Magic. Wash your hair then apply this conditioner and allow to soak in hair for a couple hours before combing and rinsing. Also I purchased some pest spray from Lowe’s. It is called Hot Shot bedbug/flea spray. I spray this all over the furniture and mattresses. I also bought some Hot Shot No Pest Strips to place around the house.



I wanted a natural remedy for head lice and found that warm vinegar rinsed over your entire head and hair is not only inexpensive but also natural and easy to use. My daughter came home from school with head lice and proceeded to infect myself and my other young daughter. I used this warm vinegar rinse on all three of us then combed through our hair to remove all the dead lice and nits. Why spend a fortune on the commercial brand head lice treatment when you can use a natural home remedy that is also much healthier for you and your family.


Salt Water Head Lice Home Remedy

My daughter came home from her father’s house with lice. The next day my daughter went swimming in a salt water pool. She returned home and I washed my daughter’s hair with dog shampoo. This home remedy for head lice worked and was easy to do.


My son and I ended up with lice and I found a great natural home remedy for head lice. You take coconut shampoo (I prefer Suave but any brand will do) and pour the shampoo into a large container and proceed to add the following ingredients: 1 cup of Listerine, ½ cup of vinegar, 4 drops of tea tree oil and a little coconut milk. Gently mix this together and then apply to your hair thoroughly. After applied wrap your hair in plastic saran wrap or shower cap and leave on for two hours. The next 4 days use the same shampoo but you only need to leave on your hair for ten minutes. Comb your hair thoroughly after each treatment. Wash all clothing and clean all furniture. I also place pillow cases in the freezer overnight.


My family ended up with a bad case of head lice and so I went to work fast. I took all their stuffed animals and bedding and put them in large plastic trash bags and tied them close. I then washed my children’s hair then applied mayonnaise all over their head and put stocking caps over their heads with the mayo while they slept. The next day I washed their hair and combed through to find most dead but decided to apply the mayo again but this time I mixed in some vinegar to the mayonnaise mixture. We did this for a total of 5 days. I also washed all the bedding and made sure all clothing was cleaned and placed in hot dryer. This home remedy for head lice worked wonderfully and I am happy to report a home free of lice finally!


Mayonnaise as Head Lice Home Remedy

My grandmother is the queen of home remedies so when my children came down with a bad case of head lice I called her immediately. My grandmother’s natural home remedy for head lice is a paste made up of 1 and half cups of mayonnaise missed with 2 tbsp of tea tree oil and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Take the mixture and coat your child’s hair completely. Then wrap your child’s head in a shower cap so they do not stain the sheet or couch while sleeping or playing and then allow the paste to saturate their hair for a good four hours. Some home remedies call for soaking your hair overnight but you do not need to. After the four hours has passed comb through their hair before you wash it because the mayonnaise acts as a natural lubricant which helps to pull out the nits and dead lice.  When combing through their hair you will have to take sections of hair and meticulously comb through each section slowly pulling out the nits and lice. After each comb through take the comb and rinse it. I found that if I break up combing into about eight sections this helps me to be certain I have thoroughly covered all possible areas where lice could be hiding. I then wash their hair with their regular shampoo. This always works but I repeat this process once more after about 4 days because sometimes there are hidden eggs that could hatch. My children never ever complain of this home remedy, it is gentle and works! Grandma’s home remedies for head lice are wonderful.


Head and Shoulders Shampoo

One of my children brought home head lice and everyone in my family ended up with lice too except for the one person who used Head and Shoulders shampoo. We then had everyone with lice use Head and Shoulder’s shampoo and this killed the lice. My best natural remedy for head lice is lavender. Lavender is a natural bug repellent and although I did not realize how effective it was I now in hindsight I see the wonders of how wonderful lavender is! Through childhood I used lavender shampoo and while various friends of mine ended up with head lice I never did and I truly believe this is because of the natural protection of the lavender.


I just spent hours reading every home remedy for head lice I can find because for the past month our entire family has been battling these nasty little bugs! I have actually thrown away pillows washed and re-washed all bedding, placed all stuffed animals in bags and put them in our garage.  Now I am lying awake with Listerine soaking into my scalp praying this works. If this does not work I will use the mayonnaise and vinegar natural remedy for head lice.



My daughter occasionally comes home with head lice from sleep over with friends, so I have tried a number of different natural home remedies for head lice. The commercial head lice shampoo caused my daughters hair to start falling out and even change some of her hair strands to a white gray color so I stopped using it. The ingredients in the commercial shampoo do contain a pesticide and I really do not like that. I then decided to try another natural lice shampoo that is free of pesticides and it is called Nit-Nurse. It works and does not cause her hair to fall out or for her hair to change color. I also braid my daughter’s hair each night or tie it in a bun to help prevent infestation.


I used to end up with head lice frequently because my niece was over a lot and she constantly had infestations. My hair is thick and curly so it is a total drag to deal with lice. The home remedy for head lice that really works is using baby oil and a flat iron on my hair every day. I even took some baby oil and put it in a spray bottle and spray a tiny bit on each morning before I leave the house and I have not had a problem with lice for over two years now.

OK, I have been battling head lice for seems like years!! My kids come home with a case of it and theirs clears up quickly but mine is a horrible challenge to treat. One of my children does not pick them up and I think it is because she uses coconut shampoo and the lice do not like the scent. I have come up with a full proof natural home remedy for head lice treatment plan that works every time now without fail. It costs about the same as the commercial treatments but the difference is this natural remedy for head lice actually works! If you follow my instructions you will find that your head lice problem will go away.

First of all you have to make sure you have all these ingredients:

Yellow Listerine

One bottle of Denorex shampoo

A bottle of coconut conditioner made by Suave

Tea tree oil or neem oil


Olive oil or vegetable or coconut oil

Lysol spray

Plastic shower caps and a blow drier or a good flat iron

Lice free

This sounds like a lot to do but when you have dealt with head lice like I have you learn what works and what doesn’t work. I have tried all sorts of other remedies and this home remedy plan for head lice works every time now. The first step is to take the Listerine and saturate your dry hair in the Listerine. Make sure you cover all hair and scalp, then cover your head in a shower cap and leave the cap on for at least two hours. Make sure you do not get the Listerine in your eyes because it will sting. Next step is to comb your hair with the nit comb then thoroughly rinse your hair. Wipe off the comb after each brush through your hair to make sure you are wiping off the nits and lice. Rinse out the shower cap too. Then take the vinegar, enough to cover your hair and scalp and soak your hair in the vinegar for 2 hours with the shower cap on. After the 2 hours is up you do not need to rinse your hair instead cover your hair in the oil and cover your head in the cap, place a towel over your pillow and go to sleep. The oil mixture can include drops of tea tree oil or neem oil. Both oils are strong and I would not use more than 5 drops of each mixed into the base of the olive or coconut oil mixture. In the morning before washing your hair with the Denorex shampoo and then following up with the conditioner comb through hair first with a metal lice comb. After you dry your hair take a flat iron and use from scalp down to kill any lice or nits that might remain. After using the flat iron take the lice free and lightly spray your hair. This spray also prevents future infestations.  You may have to repeat this whole process in 7-8 days because that is when the new eggs hatch. If you have cleaned your house and all bedding, clothes and stuffed animals really well you may not have to deal with this again. I feel so bad for anyone that has to go through the battle of dealing with head lice. Wishing everyone good luck!


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