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Head Lice Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Listerine & Vinegar

I have a very good natural home remedy that cures head lice infestations. My daughters were getting head lice so frequently that I had a problem with their school being concerned. I had used all the different store brands like RID and they never worked well plus they are expensive. Then I read about using Listerine and vinegar. I now take Listerine and soak their hair in it for a couple hours rinse and comb out then warm up some vinegar in the microwave and soak their hair in the vinegar for another couple hours. Then I wash their hair with shampoo and rinse. This really works. I also now take a detangle spray and add a few drops of tea tree oil to it and lightly spray their hair each morning and this is the key to keeping those lice away!!


After using RID to treat my daughter’s head lice for 2 days with no sign of improvement I decided to search for reasonable home remedies for head lice that actually work. It appeared that using a combination of mayonnaise and tea tree oil worked so I tried it.  It did work!  What I did was take a good cup or more of mayonnaise and mix it with about fifteen drops of tea tree oil. You have to be careful how much tea tree oil you use and must also take into consideration the age of the child.  Some children and even adults are allergic to tea tree oil, but my daughter is not. Anway, I take the mayo/tea tree oil mixture and cake it on her head making sure I massage it into her scalp to cover her entire head. I then took saran wrap and wrapped her hair in that and then covered her head in a shower cap and let that soak in for over three hours.  After that I shampooed her hair with coconut shampoo and then rinsed and combed through her hair from all angles to make sure I was removing all the nits. Then after ward I took another 15 drops or so of the tea tree oil and massaged it back into her scalp. I let it sit for half hour and then washed and combed again. The next morning we awoke to clean lice free hair. If for some reason they come back in the next week as they sometimes can do we will repeat this process!


Flea and Tick Shampoo

My sister gave me a home remedy for head lice that sounds stupid but worked for us. She told me to buy some flea and tick shampoo for dogs and shampoo in, let sit for about ten minutes then rinse and comb. It worked.


Pantene Conditioner

I was having repeated problems dealing with head lice with my daughter until I met this woman who has professionally been helping people with lice problems for decades. I tried everything under the sun to rid head lice including many of the natural home remedies for head lice. I tried mayo and olive oil and others. Then I heard of this woman who has a home remedy for head lice that has consistently worked for many people. I took my daughter to her house and watched the entire process. She took my daughter hair and put a lot of Pantene conditioner in her hair and then began combing through her hair. She then mixed in some baking soda into the conditioner and slathered my daughter’s hair in it and combed through more. She showed me the nits as she combed. After the treatment my daughter was free of head lice. This woman also recommended using a couple drops of garlic oil gently rubbed into her hair each day to help ward off head lice. I tried this and have had no problem with my daughter and head lice ever again. The garlic sounds like it has a strong odor but the odor dissipates quickly after applied. I also wish to urge you to wash everything very thoroughly.  I also placed all non-washable items in my freezer overnight, and then boiled my hair brushes and any hair accessories that were exposed to the lice.


Hair Color Dye

My best home remedy for head lice was to color my hair! I dye my hair anyway and so I decided to use hair color and afterward all the lice were dead.


Hot Oil Treatment

My daughter came home from school with head lice. I work in the medical field and did not want to use the commercial products. The school nurse suggested I use mayonnaise yet this sounded unpleasant to me so instead I purchased a hot oil treatment from the pharmacy. I heated up the oil put it on her head and placed the cap over her hair. Left it on for ten minutes the n washed and rinsed out. I then had to comb all the nits out. This natural home remedy really worked and also made her hair look super shiny!


Goo Gone Citrus Home Remedy

My home remedy for head lice is using a product called Goo Gone Citrus. You can purchase it at Walmart. Apply The Goo Gone to the hair avoiding ears. Let sit on hair for about ten minutes then comb through hair with metal lice or flea comb. This really works. I have also used Listerine as a rinse and it works well too.


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