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Headache Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Passion Flower Herb

Headaches are painful and unpleasant. My natural remedy for headaches is to take a herb called passionflower. You can purchase passionflower herb in the vitamin section of your health food or grocery store.


Cinnamon and Water Home Remedy for Headaches

If you live in a cold climate and sometimes get headaches due to the cold water I have a wonderful home remedy for you. Take one part cinnamon and on part water and mix into a paste then apply the paste to your forehead and temples. This natural cure for headaches will work!


Peppermint Steam

I usually am free from headaches however occasionally I do get one. My natural cure for headaches is to take fresh or dried peppermint and boil it in water. Once the water has boiled set the hot water aside and breathe in the steam. The peppermint’s healing vapors will cure your headache in the most natural way.


Fresh Air

If you work indoors a lot or do not get the opportunity to get outside you may suffer from headaches due to lack of fresh air. A natural remedy for headaches can be walking outside and taking a few minutes to breathe in fresh air slowly. Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale.  Do this a few times and you will feel better. Our brains need oxygen and fresh air is so very healing.


Avoid Cigarette Smoke

If you are a smoker and suffer from headaches I highly suggest quitting smoking. Also people who are subjected to second hand smoke can suffer from headaches too. My home remedy for headaches would be to avoid cigarette smoke altogether.


Cool Water on Hands

When summer is at its peak I tend to get headaches. A natural cure for headaches due to heat is to take your hands and place them under cool running water. In a few minutes you will have relief from your headache.


Cloves and Vaseline

Take some Vaseline and fresh ground cloves and mix them together. You will only need a couple cloves because they are potent. Take this natural remedy and rub it into your temples and on your forehead. This natural cure for headaches will work for you without costing you anything.


Caffeine Headache Home Remedy

If you have a headache a great home remedy is to make a caffeinated drink .


Sex as Headache Home Remedy

I have never turned away the opportunity to make love with my husband due to a headache;  in fact I welcome the closeness even if I am suffering from a headache because having sex can relieve a headache. This has got to be the best home remedy for headaches that I know of!


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