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Heartburn Natural Home Remedies


Quitting Smoking

If you are a smoker and you also suffer from heartburn my best advice and home remedy for treating the heartburn is to quit smoking. Quitting smoking will relieve heartburn and also help to make you healthier in all ways.



My daughter suffered from heartburn and her natural remedy for healing the heartburn was calcium. She had heard that calcium is a natural remedy for treating heartburn and indigestion and she found out it really does work. Calcium is one of the main ingredients in the Tums too. She prefers the powdered form of calcium but you can purchase the vitamin pills also.



Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been known for treating heartburn.


Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can be a great home remedy for heartburn because of the saliva created while chewing gum. The saliva is an acid buffer so if you are suffering from heartburn chew gum!


Eat smaller meals and eat slowly chewing your food well. Also writing a food journal recording what you eat throughout the day and also noting when you suffer from heartburn. You will discover that certain foods you eat may be contributing to the heartburn. A healthy diet low in fats and high in fiber, plant foods and whole grains will help you to heal the heartburn as well. Some foods that contain sugars, grease, meats etc contribute to heartburn.


Loosening Belt

If you are suffering from heartburn check your belt. If you wear a belt it may be too tight around way waste. This is an easy home remedy for heartburn if in fact you are wearing your belt too tight!



My friend is insistent that exercise alone can be aremedy for heartburn. She used to suffer from heartburn but once she started working out and exercising daily her heartburn disappeared.


Losing Weight

If you are overweight the fat in your stomach can be causing heartburn. When you are overweight the fat in your stomach pushes acids up into your esophagus causing heartburn. Losing weight is a natural home remedy for heartburn. A wonderful healthy way to lose weight is to eat a vegan diet. Eliminating dairy, meats and processed foods from your life will not only help you lose weight but also this diet will help heal other diseases. Dr. McDougall is a medical doctor in Santa Rosa California who specializes in helping people eat healthy and heal diseases naturally. His website is www dot drmcdougall dot com, I highly recommend viewing Dr. McDougall’s website!


Sometimes if you eat too soon before going to bed you can experience heartburn symptoms. One natural remedy for heartburn is to make sure that you stop eating for at least two hours before lying down in bed.


Slippery Elm

An old folk remedy for heartburn relief is slippery elm. You can purchase this at the health food store in the herbal section.


Marshmallow Root Tea

Marshmallow root tea has long been used as a home remedy for heartburn. You can purchase the tea and prepare and drink it three times a day. It is not recommended for people who have diabetes because it has been known to lower blood sugar but it does treat heartburn effectively!


Decreasing Caffeine

Drinking too much coffee can cause heartburn. Cut back on caffeine and especially coffee.


Eliminating Alcohol

Stop drinking alcohol if you suffer from heartburn. Excessive alcohol consumption has been known to make heartburn worse.


Avoiding Orange Juice and Coffee

Two of the main culprits for heartburn sufferers are citrus based products like orange juice and the other one is coffee. My home remedy for heartburn is to watch your diet and observe how your body reacts to drinking orange juice or coffee.


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