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Heat Rash Home Remedies & Natural Remedies



Aloe Vera

Heat rash or prickly heat rash is a very uncomfortable condition. My home remedy for heat rash is to apply aloe vera gel to the area that is enflamed. I also wear very loose clothing and try to allow my skin to breathe.


Corn Starch

When you end up with heat rash the first thing you are going to want to do is soothe the rash area. My natural heat rash home remedy is to use corn starch or baby powder over the affected area. This reduces the moisture that agitates the rash and also soothes the pain.


Avoid Creams and Lotions

Avoiding the use of heavy creams and ointments while you are experiencing a heat rash is my best home remedy idea for treating heat rash. Ointments and creams will tend to block the pores making the rash even more flared up.


Light Clothing

When my children end up with heat rash I make certain that they are dressed in light cotton based clothing that breathes so that the rash can heal properly. A natural remedy for heat rash is wearing clothing that fits loosely and breathes easy.


Calamine Lotion Heat Rash Home Remedy

My family has always used Calamine Lotion as a home remedy for heat rash. It works well and is gentle on the skin.


Ice Pack

I always get rashes in the summer and they are very uncomfortable for me. My natural remedy for heat rash is something I discovered on my own. I was very hot one night and could not sleep due to the discomfort because my heat rash was very enflamed and I wanted quick relief. I went to my freezer and took a handle full of ice cubes out and placed them in a zip lock bag. I went back to bed and applied the cool bag to my heat rash. My skin immediately began to cool down and I felt tremendous relief. I always use this home remedy when I get heat rash!


Air Conditioning

If you are dealing with heat rash my best recommendation and home remedy to help you is to find an air conditioned area where you can cool down and rest.


Air Dry

If you have heat rash my natural remedy is to take a cool or luke warm shower and then allow your skin to air dry versus using a towel. Your skin will thank you and you will feel such relief. After drying off you might put a light aloe gel on the heat rash but so not put on any lotions or creams.


Baking Soda in Bath Water

When I end up with heat rash my home remedy is to simply put a few tbsp of baking soda in my warm bath. I believe the baking soda helps speed up the healing process for my skin.



You can peel and slice a cucumber and gently rub it on your heat rash as a home remedy for treatment. The cucumber is naturally cooling and will give you instant relief.


Rose Water and Sandalwood Powder

We have found that using a mixture of rose water with sandalwood powder creates a cooling and healing effect on any heat rash.


Yellow Dock Root

Take a handful of minced yellow dock root and boil for ten full minutes. Strain the yellow dock and then take the cooled liquid and apply to the heat rash throughout the day. This natural home remedy is very helpful for heat rash. Some people have skin that is too sensitive for yellow dock so if you notice your skin becoming irritated discontinue the use.


Jewelweed Home Remedy  

My friends and I go on long hikes and sometimes in the summer months we end up with a heat rash depending upon how hot the weather is. A natural home remedy for heat rash when you are out in the wild is called Jewelweed, or Touch-me-not. This plant is usually found in low lying areas near water. If you take a few leaves and crush it in your hand you can gently place it on the heat rash and you will have immediate relief!


Bare Body Treatment

My best advice and natural remedy for relief from heat rash is to walk around naked in your home. The skin on your body will breathe easy and heal faster if you have the opportunity to be free of clothing for a few hours.


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