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Heat Rash Natural Home Remedies



Lavender or Peppermint Oil

A home remedy for heat rash that is very natural and soothing is essential oil. Lavender and peppermint oil has a cooling effect on skin and will help to reduce the painful prickly heat rash irritation. You can either take the oil or apply it directly to the skin or what I prefer is to make a nice bath and infuse the bath water with these oils.


Oatmeal Pack

When I was a child my mother used an age old natural remedy for heat rash that I now use on my children. My mother would take oatmeal and soak it in cool water to soften it. This can take a couple hours. After the oatmeal has soaked long enough you take the cool oats and apply them on the heat rash area. Leave there for an hour or so if you are able to. This natural remedy works wonders and also helps to soften your skin at the same time.


Powdered Calendula, Chamomile and Corn Starch

My baby used to get heat rash and it was so difficult to heal until I found this wonderful and natural home remedy for heat rash. I make this up ahead of time so I can have it at hand if I even begin to notice a rash. I take a couple tablespoons of calendula powder, chamomile powder and cornstarch. Mix these together for a very natural remedy for heat rash that is even safe on babies!


Stay Indoors

When you are enduring the pain and irritation of heat rash I recommend staying indoors and out of the sunlight as a natural home remedy for heat rash. Keeping cool and dressed in light airy clothing will help a lot.


Mild Soap

Many people experience heat rash at some point in their lives. My natural remedy for heat rash is to make certain you use mild soaps and take cool showers to help heal the rash. Use a light aloe vera gel to ease the irritation but make sure you avoid heavy ointments which will only clog your pores.


Losing Weight

If you are overweight a very natural home remedy treatment for heat rash is to lose weight. The folds in your skin become hot and irritated and can become quite enflamed with heat rash. Losing weight will help to heal the heat rash and also heal many illnesses and give you more energy. A quick and safe way to lose weight is to eliminate all dairy and meat from your diet and eat a plant based whole food diet with whole wheat pastas, brown rice and steamed vegetables. Dr. McDougall is a renowned physician who specializes in helping people to lose weight and heal diseases naturally through eating healthy. I recommend viewing his website because there is a wealth of information there. He also conducts health seminars and retreats where you can actually learn to lose weight under his direct supervision. I attended a 5 day retreat and went on to lose 30 lbs. He also has 10 days medical supervised retreats www dot drmcdougall dot com  Good luck!


Cumin Seed and Coconut Oil Paste

If you have heat rash my home remedy is easy and works great. I take cumin seeds and grind them into a powder then I mix the powder with coconut oil, just enough oil to create a thick paste. Take the paste and apply it to your heat rash about an hour or so before you shower.


Margossa Leaf Natural Home Remedy for Heat Rash

Heat Rash is a painful experience. I like to use natural remedies if at all possible for heat rash because the commercial over the counter treatments usually do not work. Buy some margossa leaves and boil them for about ten minutes. After they are boiled place them in your bath to make a nice healing herbal bath. Soak in your bath for twenty minutes and then air dry your body and rest in a cool room. This is a very good home remedy for heat rash.


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