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High Blood Pressure Natural Cures and Home Remedies



I recommend that you try an herb called barberry to help bring your hypertension down to a normal and safe level.


Herbs as Natural Remedy

There is a combination of herbs that you can take together as a natural home remedy to help maintain your blood pressure to safe and normal levels.  These herbs are hyssop, ginseng, and hawthorn.  These are well known natural herbals for high blood pressure home remedy.



I suggest that you eat bananas and whole wheat bread as a way to help maintain and balance your sodium levels, and subsequently your blood pressure levels as well.




You should try and take some dolomite and water to restore normal levels.


Diet as Natural Cure

If you want a good high blood pressure natural cure, you should pay attention to the kind of diet you have.  You need to maintain a healthy diet that shuns foods with lots of sugar, and salt.   Also, you need to avoid processed foods, and meats.  It’s also important to avoid any dairy products. Vegetarians are well documented to have lower blood pressure.  If you can't do that then cut back on the meat and dairy.



Each day you need to maintain a routine of exercising.  This not only helps keep blood pressure down, but is great for your overall health.


Valerian Root

There is a high blood pressure natural remedy herb you can take to help keep you relaxed and consequently help keep your blood pressure at the proper level. It is valerian root.  You can get it at most grocery stores, and definitely at the health food stores.


More Herbal Natural Home Remedies 

If you are in need of normalizing our blood pressure level, there are a few herbs out there that should be of some help.  Try taking some cayenne, passion flower, and garlic to treat your condition.  I think you’ll see some good results.  You can get these herbs at your local health food store. 



If you have hypertension, and you want to immediately lower it, then, get a lemon and quarter it up and suck on a piece.


Warm Bath

Whenever my blood pressure is too high, I take a very warm bath.  I stay in for at least 20 minutes, just relaxing.  In this amount of time my systolic pressure is reduced by at least 15 mmHZ.  This is one of the best natural cures for hypertension.


Drumstick Tree Juice

If you are looking for a natural home remedy to cure your hypertension and you need some help then this may interest you.  I know of a remedy that can take away this problem.  You need to get hold of some Drumstick Tree skin (Moringa oleiferal) and squeeze it.  Take one ounce of what you have squeezed and add this to one ounce of honey.  Take this for three successive days in the morning time.  Don’t go beyond the three days until 15 days have elapsed then repeat this process as needed.  Again, for three days in a row, then wait 15 days before repeating three days in a row if necessary.  This natural remedy will definitely take care of your high blood pressure. 



Most people who experience hypertension area lacking in magnesium.  This is a great natural remedy and cure for high blood pressure as has been experienced by many people.  It doesn't work for all cases but it will provide dramatic improvement and outright cure for many.  It is definately worth a try.  This is a very important mineral that is vital and unfortunately most Americans are deficient in their amount.  A USDA government report said 75% of Americans are not getting the minimum daily requirement.  Magnesium is called the Cadillac of Minerals because so many other minerals such as calcium, depend on magnesium in order to be used by they body.  If you are not getting enough magnesium, many other minerals will not be utilized by the body. 


Apple Cider Vinegar

I was told to drink a concoction consisting of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with one tablespoon of honey, and to add this to your favorite beverage.  You are supposed to drink this once daily.  I’ll let you know if this works for me!


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