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High Blood Sugar Natural Home Remedies & Cures


Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle

Since I am a type 2 diabetic I am very aware of all the home natural remedies and commercial remedies for high blood sugar. I much prefer any natural remedy for high blood sugar over any pharmaceutical medication. I then started taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day and added more gradually. My blood sugars immediately dropped and I feel better than ever. I even have more energy. Apple cider vinegar is really a miracle worker.




If you have a history of high blood glucose this serious condition happens when the body does not make enough insulin and/or does not respond to insulin. Sometimes our body does not process insulin adequately. Our body needs glucose to make energy. When there is no insulin, glucose cannot get into the cells and instead stays in the blood making sugar levels go up. Over a period of time this can cause very serious damage to our heart, our kidneys, and blood vessels and can lead to a stroke or blindness.  Gymnema is home remedy for high blood sugar. It is a herb that is an effective blood glucoseregulator. The leaves of gymnema contain gymnemic acid molecules that are much like glucose molecule structures. This helps to prevent activation of sugar molecules and in turn suppresses those difficult sugar cravings we can have. It also helps to prevent glucose molecules from absorbing back into the intestine therefore lowering blood sugar levels naturally. Gymnema also is known to stimulate insulin production by the pancreas and in turn increases sugar regulation and utilization.


Continued Apple Cider Vinegar

I have been really suffering for so long with arthritis, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes that I felt like giving up. I then found this site and l became so encouraged by the number of who have high blood sugar and have had such major healings through the use of apple cider vinegar. I decided to try it. I am just 45 years old so I felt like I need to do something to improve the quality of my life. When I began taking the apple cider vinegar I struggled the first few days because the taste is pretty bad, but once I did get used to it. I have now been taking this natural remedy for high blood sugar for about 2 months and not only has my blood sugar dropped a lot, but also I have much less arthritic pain and my blood pressure has gone down tremendously. My blood sugar dropped from 136 to 109. My energy is great, I sleep better and I am not experiencing the same cravings for food like I used to. I am telling all my friends about this amazing natural remedy for high blood sugar and other diseases. I might add that it will be encouraging to you to record your blood sugar levels each day after you begin using apple cider vinegar!


Banaba Herbs and Leaves

I learned about this amazing home remedy for high blood glucose. Banaba herbs or leaves are a wonderful natural remedy used primarily in the Philippines and Japan. It has been known to lower blood glucose easily. You can also drink it as a tea.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a long known natural remedy for elevated blood glucose. Take at least 1000 milligrams of vitamin C a day if not more. I started out with 1000 mg of vitamin C and increased it to 3000 mgs.


More Garlic and Onion

Garlic and onion are very naturally healing for elevated blood glucose. A home remedy for high blood sugar that is very effective and also wonderful to eat is onions and garlic. Adding both of these foods to your daily diet will help to reduce you blood glucose. You can add them to salad, breakfast foods, casseroles, on top of beans and rice and much more. Garlic will also help your blood to circulate better.


Cayenne Pepper

I add cayenne pepper to my food and I also sometimes add cayenne pepper to warm water and drink it. Cayenne pepper can be difficult to eat because it is spicy. If you have trouble eating it you can always purchase cayenne capsules and take a few each day.


Alfalfa Seeds

If you sprinkle alfalfa seeds on you’re the food you eat each meal you will notice your blood glucose levels drop. Another home remedy for high blood sugar using alfalfa is alfalfa capsules.


Fresh Burdock Root

Fresh burdock root is a very good natural remedy for high blood glucose. It has shown to have blood glucose lowering effects in studies.



I have diabetes and I learned from a friend that dandelion can lower blood glucose. Dandelion tea or root in capsule form is easy to take. This home remedy for high blood glucose has really helped me.


Jambul Ayurvedic Natural Remedy

An ayurvedic natural remedy for elevated blood glucose is jambul. It has been known to lower blood sugar within 30 minutes if ingested.



Watercress is a natural remedy for elevated blood glucose. It is a diuretic and naturally lowers blood glucose.


White Kidney Beans

If you eat some white kidney beans at each meal. The white kidney beans help to keep blood glucose from rising too rapidly after meals.



If you have high blood sugar eat a handful of almonds. Almonds are a natural remedy to lower blood glucose.



North American ginseng has been shown to control blood sugar through numerous studies. Taking ginseng daily may be the best home remedy to help lower and regulate your high blood sugar. If you have elevated blood pressure you may wish to check with your natural health practioner before using it.


Aloe Vera Gel

Drinking aloe vera juice will help you to lower your blood glucose. Studies done in Japan have shown that aloe vera not only helps heal many different skin conditions and stomach and bowel disorders, but it also is a natural remedy for elevated blood sugar.



I have diabetes and I take zinc. Zinc plays a very important role in the production and storage of insulin in your body. Eating ginger root, lima beans, almonds, rye, buckwheat, split peas, and pecans are natural resources for zinc.


A Brisk Walk

Just taking a brisk 45 minute walk each day is great for normalizing blood glucose. It is so healthy to exercise!


Apples as High Glucose Natural Remedy

Eating an apple each day can truly help you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Apples are a tasty and natural home remedy for high blood sugar.


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